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21 Oct 2021

Gelucire® 59/14, solid surfactant for oral bioavailability enhancement

Discover Gelucire® 59/14, an add-on in Gattefossé Gelucire® range, for oral bioavailability enhancement

Gattefossé widens its range of functional excipients for oral bioavailability enhancement with a new grade of Gelucire®: Gelucire® 59/14, a mixture of lauroyl PEG-32 glycerides EP/NF and PEG 6000 EP/NF.

Gelucire® 59/14 is a self-emulsifying excipient used for oral bioavailability enhancement of poorly water-soluble drugs, owing to its high solubilizing capacity. Gelucire® 59/14 is supplied in pellets, which makes it easy to handle and an interesting add-on to our Gelucire® range. 

Gelucire® 59/14 is a self-emulsifying system: upon contact with aqueous or digestive media it spontaneously forms a fine dispersion.  The different components self-assemble as a function of their affinity for water, resulting in the formation of micelles, wherein the drug is solubilized. This mechanism contributes to an increased absorption and hence bioavailabiity of drugs. 

For more information on our offer for lipid-based formulations, download our brochure.

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