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TECNALIA´s Genetic and Molecular Biology  Lab develops a strong activity in the field of Genetic Diagnosis, focused on three main areas:
  • Diagnosis of hereditary syndromes (tumoral and non-tumoral).
  • Diagnosis of neoplastic diseases.
  • 3Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
TECNALIA´s Genetic and Molecular Biology is EMQN certified for Heredetary Breas Cancer and Lynch Syndrome genetic t

Equipment /
Laboratory (220 m2) consists of three
different areas, two of which are intended
to the preparation and handling of
samples and are equipped with systems
to control air temperature, humidity and
Among the main equipment includes:
• Next Generation Sequencing.
• Microarray Scanner.
• 3130xl Genetic Analyzer.
• Real Time PCR.
• Flow cytometer.
• Image analysis system.
• Microplate reader.
• Thermalcyclers.
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