GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals is a GMP biopharmaceutical CDMO offering highly specialized GMP manufacturing and development services to research groups, Biotech and Pharma companies. GenIbet core activity is the manufacture and supply of materials for use in early stage drug development, pre-clinical studies and GMP manufacturing for clinical trials. This, combined with in-house fill and finish capabilities, gives GenIbet the ability to provide its clients with the opportunity to go from bench to clinic in one single facility.

GenIbet shareholders include Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (iBET) and leading Portuguese companies in the Pharma and Food industries. One of the major drivers for the creation of GenIbet was the perception of its main shareholder, iBET, of client needs and desires to pursue development work into a GMP environment. The first market approached was the Bacterial market and GenIbet was certified in June 2009 in a joint project with Novartis Institute for Global Health (at present GVGH) for the manufacture of a Typhoid Fever Vaccine. The work performed included the manufacture of the master and working cell banks, as well as one of the vaccine components.
GenIbet has expanded its production units and activities since them and the entire facility which currently comprises 3 independent manufacturing units (2 Class C, 1 Class B all BSL2) is dully qualified since 2014 by the Portuguese regulatory authorities (Infarmed) for biopharmaceuticals production and manufacture of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs).

Currently GenIbet runs projects covering a broad spectra of Biopharmaceuticals development, including Recombinant proteins, Vaccines, RNA, Live Microbial Products and Cell and Gene Therapy products. GenIbet has experience

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