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12 Apr 2013

Genistein could prove beneficial for the treatment of colorectal cancer

A natural soy-based compound could be used for the treatment of colorectal cancer.

A soy-based compound known as genistein may be effective for the treatment of colorectal cancer, despite the fact soy can exacerbate breast and other cancers.
The study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research 2013 Annual Meeting explained that colorectal cancer is primarily driven by cellular signalling in the Wnt pathway, which is a network of proteins that are integral to cellular growth.
Researchers from Mount Sinai added that hyperactivity of the Wnt signalling pathway occurs in over 85 per cent of rectal and colon cancers.
Colon cancer cells' lines were treated with genistein and it was discovered this inhibited growth of the cell, blocking Wnt signalling hyperactivity.
As such, a clinical trial is due to be launched by Randall Holcombe and Sofya Pintova across patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.
"Genistein is a natural product with low toxicity and few side effects and our research shows that it may be beneficial in treating colorectal cancer," professor of medicine Mr Holcombe said.

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