29 Oct 2019

Glass lined reactor with motor with reducer, mechanical seal, agitator, thermometer pocket, discharge valve

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Glass Lined Reactor is an ideal material for anti acid and alkali corrosion and its surface is very easy to Polish and no contamination to mediums. It's widely used in Petrochemicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, foodstuff, dyes, scientific research etc.
2. Capacity: 
Chemical Glass Lined Reactor capacity: 10 to 30000Liter
3. Structure: Open type (k-type) or closed type( F-type)
4. Material: Vessel: Mild steel with glass lined inside surface: Jacket: Mild steel.
5. Design pressure: Vessel: 0.2Mpa or 0.3Mpa or 0.4-0.6Mpa or 1.0Mpa
Jacket pressure: 0.6Mpa
6. Design Temperature: 200 degree C.
7. Accessories: One completeset of  Glass Lined Reactor generally with motor with Reducer, Seal (optional: Stuffing box, Single mecheanical seal, Double mechanical seal ), Agitator,  Thermometer pocket, bottom discharge Valve.

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