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Glass plant is used for production in chemical and pharmaceutical. Glass / enamel systems are capable of handling corrosive chemicals and acids in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Glass-lined reactor or stirred tank with distillation glass structure are mainly used for vacuum distillation and reflux distillation for chemical syntheses and solvent recovery. The 3-D planning software allows the integration of large steel enamel reactors in combination with glass assemblies for the planning of complete systems. Steel enamel stirred tank is available in AE / BE-lined steel reactors. Stirred tank is enamelled to 10,000 liters. Typical applications: Vacuum distillation, reflux distillation, azeotropic distillation (phase separation), evaporating / evaporating to desired consistency, more Komponeneten reactions, introduction of gas into the liquid phase, rectification / stripping, extraction with multi-phase mixtures, crystallization, refluxing, vreschiedene chemical liquid / liquid, liquid / solid reactions, adsorbtionen.
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Categories Pharmaceutical Machinery & Technology
Supplied from Switzerland
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