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We are dedicated to producing over-the-counter medicines with the highest quality possible at the most affordable prices. We believe consistently delivering the highest quality with customer satisfaction in mind, earns the most trust over time.

Established in 1950, Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is among Thailand’s leading manufacturers. For over 60 years, Golden Cup Pharmaceutic...

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Products from Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. (3)

  • Golden Cup Balm

    Product Golden Cup Balm

    The classic and iconic formula, Golden Cup Balm serves as a multi-purpose solution to a number of ailments. However, the balm is most notably effective for combating headaches, muscular pain, insect bites and nasal congestion.

    The primary active ingredients warm the applied area, increasing bl...
  • Golden Cup Oil

    Product Golden Cup Oil

    Golden Cup Oil is a similar but different formula than the popular and traditional Golden Cup Balm, providing the same solutions to the same stresses.

    Offering a different feel, Golden Cup Oil evaporates faster, leading to a more aromatic solution that is especially effective for clearing up n...
  • Kiddy Balm

    Product Kiddy Balm

    With a gentle fragrant aroma, this product does not have the warming agents that other Golden Cup Balm products feature. Instead, there is a higher focus on the properties for anti-inflammation, to help reduce mucus and swelling.

    Unlike other products in the line, Kiddy Balm does not hold the ...

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