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Gore PharmBIO is committed to providing leading edge Pharmaceutical companies innovative, pure and secure drug processing, packaging, and delivery options through revolutionary materials science and uniquely applied engineering. Working together with our customers, we help create peace of mind and improve the lives of patients every day.


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Products from Gore (3)

  • GORE ImproJect Plungers

    Product GORE ImproJect Plungers

    GORE ImproJect Plungers eliminate the need for silicone as a lubricant in glass pre-filled syringes. Used with bare-glass (non-siliconized) barrels, these silicone-free plungers provide consistent delivery performance over time, and can protect complex, sensitive biologics from silicone-induced aggregation an...
  • GORE Protein Capture Device with Protein A

    Product GORE Protein Capture Device with Protein A

    Designed to improve throughput and productivity in small-scale affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies, GORE Protein Capture Devices provide high binding capacity at short residence time, for the possibility of more highly-concentrated elution pools in less time.


  • GORE® LYOGUARD® Freeze-Drying Trays

    Product GORE® LYOGUARD® Freeze-Drying Trays

    These disposable (single-use) trays incorporate innovative GORE™ Membrane technology and a unique design to make lyophilization processes easier, and more efficient, than traditional equipment. It is engineered to optimize vapor transmission so water and solvents can escape readily while providing excelle...

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