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Growth opportunities abound for auto-injectors amid patient-centric healthcare transition, experts tell CPhI webinar

Gareth Carpenter — 12 Mar 2021

The Maverick auto-injector

Tremendous growth opportunities exist for auto-injectors as their value is increasingly being recognised across several therapy areas, experts have told a recent CPhI webinar, sponsored by Stevanato Group.

“Auto-injectors have grown at a CAGR of 17% over the last five years and diabetes is the largest value contributor; the injectables segment is almost completely saturated with auto-injectors providing significant benefits to patients with easy-to-use dosing mechanisms and safe handling,” Yasemin Karanis, Consultant, Thought Leadership, IQVIA, told the webinar audience, adding that further innovation in this segment aims to be more patient-centric by looking into digital and connected devices.

“The emergence of auto-injectors in the auto-immune market however is more novel and has a higher growth rate in the trend to create better patient experiences by again delivering self-administration options,” she said.

Presenting a case study on Stevanato’s Maverick, Adam Stops, Drug Delivery Systems Product Manager at Stevanato Group explained that the emergency use auto-injector is the result of a successful partnership with Duoject Medical Systems.

“We have partnered with Duoject to provide a market-leading device for our customers in the emergency use space. Along with Novocol, Duoject’s parent company, if requested, we can provide end-to-end services: the device, device manufacturing, fill/finish, and final device assembly. This is truly an end-to-end solution,” he said.

Also within the presentation, Dan MacDonald, VP Engineering, Duoject Medical Systems, provided a run-through of the development steps for Maverick.

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