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 Huadi Group was established in 2011 ( It originated in 1995 ), which is a national High and New Tech enterprise, mainly specialized in Bio-extracted raw material, Synthesis peptides, Biochemical formulations and Nutritional supplements. To adapt the requirement of the Group's development, a high-tech biological industrial zone was built in Anji 2017, involving R&D, production, sales and technology services.  

 Implement a strict and complete quality control system which to ensure the quality of each product meet the requirement of customers. The products have been successfully exported to America, Germany, France, Russia, Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, Pakistan and so on.

 Huadi Group is committed on human health. It is our unshirkable responsibility to improve people’s health with the best efforts on our products and services. We appreciate sincere partners over the world to work together on this lofty aspiration.

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Products from Hangzhou Huadi Group Co., Ltd (3)

  • Oxytocin Acetate

    Product Oxytocin Acetate

    Active Substance Oxytocin Acetate is a nine amino acid peptide that is synthesized in hypothalamic neurons and transported down axons of the posterior pituitary for secretion into blood.

    CAS No. 50-56-6

    Sequence Cys-Tyr-Ile-Gln-Asn-Cys-Pro-Leu-Gly-NH2

    Molecular Formula C43H66N...
  • Sheep / Bovine Placenta Extract Solution/Powder

    Product Sheep / Bovine Placenta Extract Solution/Powder

    Cattle/ Bovine Placenta Extract Powder


    off-white to light yellow granule or powder


    1kg/bag, composite film bags, out covered with foam carton

    Storage & Shelf life

    Store in cool and dry place(below 20℃),about 2 years
  • Thymomodulin powder,  Bovine thymus extract, timomodulina

    Product Thymomodulin powder, Bovine thymus extract, timomodulina

    Thymopeptide (thymomodulin) powder, extracted from healthy cattle Thymus organ.

    Indication: for the treatment of primary of off the T-cell deficiency. Some autoimmune diseases, such as various types of severe hepatitis, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, allergic asthma and other immune cel...

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