Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd.

About Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd.

We are a leading biopharmaceutical company firstly developed the following products in China: rhG-CSF (filgrastim),  similar to dalteparin, Enoxaparin sodium, Interleukin-eleven (oprelvekin), Palonosetron Hydrochloride, rhBMP-2 (recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2). Our product pipeline include: Liraglutide(recombinant), Fulvestrant, Semaglutide(recombinant), Fosaprepitant dimeglumine, Peg-Filgrastim, Dulaglutide, Ranibizumab, Insulin Detemir, Rivaroxaban, Insulin degludec, Insulin Aspart, Avatrombopag maleate, Daratumumab.  Our company is GMP certified. Our company is both innovation and manufacturing oriented. Website is: www.china-gene.com

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Products from Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd. (3)

  • Enoxaparin sodium

    Product Enoxaparin sodium

    anticoagulant and antithrombotic, Low Molecular Weight Heparin, Clexane, Lovenox, l  Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), l  Injection (PFS/ampoule/vial), 0.2ml:2000AxaIU(20mg), 0.4ml:4000AxaIU(40mg), 0.6ml:6000AxaIU(60mg), 0.8ml:8000AxaIU(80mg), 10ml:100,000AxaIU(1g), or other r...
  • Filgrastim

    Product Filgrastim

    Filgrastim, Neupogen, G-CSF, Indicated to neutropenia, Formulated bulk liquid, l  Injection (ampoule/PFS/vial) 75µg/unit, 150µg/unit, 300µg/unit, 450µg/unit

  • Fosaprepitant dimeglumine

    Product Fosaprepitant dimeglumine

    cancerbrhrbrEmend, CAS number: 265121-04-8