Harbin Medisan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Harbin Medisan) is a national high-and-new-tech enterprise that engages in R&D, manufacturing and sales of chemical pharmaceutical finished dosage forms and APIs. It has four wholly owned subsidiaries and one joint stock company, with the registered capital of 211 million Chinese Yuan. Harbin Medisan owns 13 production lines, with the production capacity of 30 million vials of small volume injection, 150 million vials of lyophilized powder for injection, 150 million tablets (capsules) of solid dosage form, 300 million bottles (bags) of infusion solution, and 4 metric tons of API. The main products include: Oxiracetam injection, Alanyl glutamine injection, Cerebroprotein hydrolysate for injection, Ligustrazine hydrochloride for injection, Ossotide for injection, Mirtazapine tablet, Glucose injection, Sodium chloride injection. The dosage forms include small volume Injection, lyophilized powder for injection, solid dosage form, non-PVC soft bag infusion, plastic bottle infusion, glass bottle infusion and API etc. The sales network covers all over China.

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Harbin Medisan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Harbin Medisan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Harbin Medisan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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