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6 Aug 2013

Health Canada licenses NeuroPro supplement

The ginseng supplement can help to support cognitive health.

Health Canada has granted a licence to Neurodyn Inc's new NeuroPro supplement, marking the North American launch of the product, which has also been released in the US.
According to the manufacturer, Canadian neuroscientists recommend its application in enhancing both mental and physical capacities in older patients.
Each capsule contains 45 mg of triterpenoid saponins (ginsenoside fraction), making it one of the most highly-concentrated ginseng products on the market.
The naturally-occurring compound helps to protect the body from stressors - stimuli which promote a stress response, potentially at a detriment to mental and physical wellbeing.
Triterpenoid saponins has been used in a unique formulation in order to maximise the cognitive and physical benefits offered by the supplement.
Neurodyn chief executive Kenneth Cawkell said: "By providing a historically relevant compound from natural sources we are benefiting consumers."
Patients are usually recommended to take a capsule three times per day with a meal in order to support their brain health.

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