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Huaheng Biologgical Technology Co., Ltd Was Founded In 2011, Situated Jizhou ,Hebei Province.IT Is Based On The Research And Development Of Amino Acide.Our Company Concentrates On The Developing、Processing And Selling Of  The  Amino  Acide .The Main Products Include Glycine、Lysine、Alanine、Methionine、Threonine、Disodium Succinate,Etc.Also  We Agent For Vitamins And Sweeteners.It Mainly Covers Series Of Amino Acid 、Pharmaceutical Intermediates、BPC,Etc.

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Products from Hebei Huaheng Biological Technology Co Ltd

  • Glycine

    Product Glycine

    White crystals or crystalline powder. Used as an additive for the flavor and taste of food, retain its original color and to provide a source of sweet; Can play a buffering role in the taste of edible salt and vinegar; 10% raw material of monosodium glutamate is glycine. It also can be used as medical intermediate. It is used in acid injection solution as nutritional infusion, as a buffering agent for aureomycin. As a rawmaterial for making L-Dopa, ephalosporin, cosmetics and amino acid.

  • L-Lysine monohydrochloride

    Product L-Lysine monohydrochloride

    It is used as nutrition enhancers for reinforcingthe Lysine in food.It can be used in mayonnaise,cow's milk and instant noodles etc,It also can be used as flavoring to improve the taste of food,L-Lysine can be used prepared compound amino acid transfusion.L-Lysine can be made in to nutrition enhancers with every kinds of vitamin and dextrose together.They are easy to be absorbed by the intestines and stomach.

  • L-Cysteine

    Product L-Cysteine

    White crystals or crystalline powder, monoclinic system, slight smelly, soluble in water, hardly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether etc organic solvents. As food additives, fermentation agents, antioxidants and stabilizer, medicine intermediates, cosmetics additives.