HEKUMA, a company of the teamtechnik Group, is a technology leader with many years’ experience as a specialist in high performance automation for the plastics industry.

HEKUMA systems are the first choice across a wide range of injection molding and assembly processes specializing in requirements for complex productions combined with the highest levels of quality and overall system availability.

In the medical sector HEKUMA offers automation systems for the production, processing and assembly of high-volume plastic disposable products in labware, diagnostics and medication. The company focuses on platform machines with a high with a high level of standardized automation steps, but also offer customized solutions.

The sales and service staff provide support to local and international customers advising from initial conceptual discussions to the implementation of fully integrated turnkey system and all tasks associated with ongoing support and maintenance.

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Products from HEKUMA

  • HEKUtip - Automation System for Pipette Tips

    Product HEKUtip - Automation System for Pipette Tips

    With HEKUtip we offer a platform that meets all the current market requirements for the manufacture and processing of Pipette Tips.
    Our concepts offer a wide variety of solutions: from the fully automated overall concepts with camera inspection or cavity-separated handling to a stand-alone filter assembly, from take-out from the injection molding machine to processing of pipette tip bulk material. This provides you with a system tailored to your needs.

  • HEKUlab - Automation System for Laboratory Vessels

    Product HEKUlab - Automation System for Laboratory Vessels

    With its fully automated production line – the HEKUlab - HEKUMA has created a solution for companies that manufacture laboratory products such as reaction vessels, cuvettes, microtubes. The platform aims to meet all current quality and safety requirements for the processing of laboratory vessels.

  • HEKUdish - Automation System for Petri Dishes

    Product HEKUdish - Automation System for Petri Dishes

    With HEKUdish we offer a platform that meets all thecurrent market requirements for the manufacturing andprocessing of Petri Dishes.With a flexible design the system can be configured forspecific products such as contact dishes and cell culturebottles, providing you with a customized solution withmaximized productivity and efficiency.