Hemorol ® suppositories, OTC drug

Product description

Hemorol® is a drug in the form of rectal suppositories traditionally applied to alleviate complaints accompanying hemorrhoids.
Hemorol is also applied in chronic inflammatory states of rectal mucosa as well as irritations and cracking of rectal mucosa.
Hemorol suppositories cause withdrawal of pain as a result of anesthetic effects of benzocaine. The preparation also contains components of local styptic, anti-inflammatory and diastolic effects. The product is intended for traditional use in the above mentioned indications and its efficiency is based exclusively upon long-standing use and experience.

Active substances:
Chamomillae anthodii extractum spissum (3:1); extractant: purified water     50 mg
Belladonnae radicis extractum spissum (4:1); extractant: ethanol 70% V/V      20 mg
Extractum compositum spissum (4:1) ex: Cytisi scoparii herba,
Hippocastani cortice, Tormentillae rhizomate, Millefolii herba;
extractant: ethanol 40% V/V       80 mg
Benzocainum       100 mg

Auxiliary substances:
Glycerol (E 422) 150 mg
Neutral fat up to 2 g

Package contains 12 suppositories.

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Hemorol ® suppositories, OTC drug

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