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16 Sep 2019


CARLO ERBA Reagents solvents for gaz chromatography are produced by distillation and filtration. They are carefully controlled to adequately meet the needs of this analytical technique.

PESTIPUR® solvents :  For pesticides residue analysis by GC-ECD and GC-NPD
ATRASOL® Solvents : Improved parameters in terms of purity and functionality tests ensure high quality performance, suitable for the complexity of trace analysis, such as the analysis of organic and hydrocarbon compounds by GC-FID and GC -ECD and the determination of the hydrocarbon index according to the EN ISO method 9377-2.
GC-HEADSPACE solvents : For the analysis of Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI)
GC-MS solvents : For high sensitivity analysis

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