High Speed Checkweigher

High Speed Checkweigher
Product Description

Smart Measurement Function

  •          21 CFR Compliance
  •          Online checkweighing of bottle, carton, packet & pouch
  •          High rigid structure allowing safe and precise weighing
  •          Speed upto 600 products/min.

Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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  • 2015
    On CPhI since
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Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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  • 2015
    On CPhI since
Contract Service

More Products from Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • Capsule Checkweigher

    Product Capsule Checkweigher

    Individual checkweighing of different size capsules
    •          1.5 times faster response speed & 2 times higher accuracy
    •          Very high weighing accuracy +0.5mg
    •          Can weigh at a maximum speed of 1,20,000 capsules / hour
  • Flow Wrap Machine

    Product Flow Wrap Machine

    Wrapping of Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
    • Temperature controlling feature reduces energy costs and improves performance Servo driven with motion control. 
    • Offers wide range in height and width for many products.
    • Wrapping of products like inhaler, plastic injection, ampullen and many more.
  • Metal Detector System

    Product Metal Detector System

    Innovative Metal Detection Technology
    • Identification and elimination of ferrous and Non-ferrous metal contaminants in packed and loose products on the conveyor
    • Superior Accuracy
    • Easy maintenance
    • Stable on production lines
  • Multi-Lane Checkweigher

    Product Multi-Lane Checkweigher

    Weighing control of Multi-Lane with one indicator
    •         Space saving design cases Line intergration.
    •         Centre pitch of the conveyour can be set at 50mm.
    •         Filling can be easily installed near filling packing machine. High speed precesion weighing for small packed products.
  • X-RAY Inspection System

    Product X-RAY Inspection System

    Ultra HD Technology with HD Systems
    •          X-ray inspection identifies foreign bodies in products, simultaneous to contaminant detection, shape analysis, missing items and package integrity issues
    •          High performance, accuracy and quality
    •           Simple to operate
    •          Easy maintenance
  • Benchtop Spectrophotometer CM-36d

    Product Benchtop Spectrophotometer CM-36d

    • Customize your own holder
    • Camera previewer for accurate sample positioning
    • Reflectance measurements, horizontal or top-port
    • Easy to read tilted LED indicator panel with measurement button
    • Wavelength Analysis & Adjustment – “WAA”
  • Continuous Inkjet Printer for Pharma production

    Product Continuous Inkjet Printer for Pharma production

    • High speed coding and marking machines
    • Up to 3 lines of text, symbols, numbers, barcodes
    • Data Matrix and QR codes
    • 7” colour touch screen
    • Simple self-service with up to 12 months between services - no engineer required, only 0.5 litres of ink changed
    • Printhead cleaning interval up to three months to reduce downtime and fluids consumption
    • Solvent consumption as low as 8ml/hour*
    • Linx PrinterNet enabled - remote monitoring and control of Linx 8800 Series printers via a secure, cloud-based service.
    • Printing on products and packages
    • Substrate- Porous/ Non-Porous

  • Drop On Demand Printer

    Product Drop On Demand Printer

    • Print character height of 12 mm to 50 mm.
    • 2 lines printingSuitable for line speed upto 180 mt/min.
    • Suitable for waterbased and solvent ink.
    • Solenoid technology print head.
    • Controller can manage one 16 dot or two 7 dot print heads.
  • Label Printer

    Product Label Printer

    • Industrial printer with extensive accessories.
    • Die cast aluminium housing.
    • Touch Screen LCD Color Display ( 272 x 480 pixels)
    • Quick and easy exchange of ribbon.
    • Internal rewinder.
    • Optional Peel-off accessory.
    • Available in 300 / 600 dpi. 
    • Print resolution.No adjustment of print head for different label width.
    • Printing on very narrow & thick continuous material.
    • Supports all linear barcode and 2D codes.
    • Programming: J-script & direct programming.

  • Lazer Coder

    Product Lazer Coder

    • Compact, complete laser coder in a single unit that meets coding needs at an affordable price
    • Operates without any consumables helps in minimizing running costs
    • Flexible user interface options to control laserIP54 stainless steel and anodized aluminum enclosure to withstand manufacturing environment
    • Operates without interconnections, so the risk of accidental damage to cables by twisting or chemical reactions is eliminated, improving laser reliability
    • Multiple mounting positions and orientations support available for installations
    • Single unit installation reduces production line space usage and installation time
    • Printing on products and packages
    • Substrate- Porous/ Non-porous
    • Majority of materials can be effectively marked with a laser coder
  • Platform Weighing Scale

    Product Platform Weighing Scale

    • Industrial design. 
    • Suitable for general purpose weighing in industry
    • Rugged tube frame construction with high structural integrity
    • Height adjustable feet and optional spirit level for accurate weighing 
    • Optional indicator stand and back rail or trolley
    • Models available for installation in safe or hazardous areas
    • Capacity from 10 kg to 1000 kg with single load cell
  • Portable Spectrophotometer

    Product Portable Spectrophotometer

    • Fixed Aperture – MAV: Ø8 mm/Ø11 mm
    • Compact and lightweight – portable, handheld color measuring instrument
    • Designed to fit in you hand – comfortable to hold and vertically formatted for easy positioning
    • Bluetooth compatible – send data to a printer or computer via Bluetooth wireless communication or it can easily connect using a USB cable
    • Large memory capacity – allows the storage of up to 1,000 sets of target data and 4,000 sets of measurement data
    • Switching for SCI and SCE measurement is automatic
    • Easy to operate – features dedicated buttons for frequently-used operations such as target colors or call up menus adds to easy operation
    • Color LCD screen – Display abundant information on the screen such as pseudocolor, spectral graphs,  and color difference graphs
    • Color Data Software (optional) – one screen displays all the information for an application and make edits as needed, which can be printed for later use

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