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How to choose an Empty Capsule Supplier

17 Apr 2019

Companies wanting the best use Embocaps® by Suheung Empty Hard Capsules.

So many capsule choices… How to decide on a capsule supplier?

Step One – separate the wheat from the chaff using business sustainability logic.
Capsule manufacturers who own their own technology and produce their own manufacturing equipment are the only ones worth considering. These manufactures have invested in themselves and are the industry experts. This cuts the list down to a number you can count on one hand. The “global leading suppliers”.

Step Two – Eliminate the “non-issues” and focus on the real value drivers.
Availability and Logistics, Ascetics and Custom Branding, Composition Equivalency and Chemical Performance, R&D and Technical Support and Regulatory and Quality Compliance are all non-issues. All the leading global suppliers have enough capacity to supply you and have ample technology to produce the capsules you require, using the identical grades of starting materials, purchased from the identical vendors in the same percentages – a fact that has been vetted through various regulatory bodies over many decades. They have decades of experience in global capsule supply chains – and can support your R&D and Technical requirements. And for an added peace of mind: all the leading global suppliers will pass your audit. However, Filling Machine Performance and Purchase Price are issues for consideration.

Step Three – Focus on the only two real issues for consideration – Machine Performance and Price.
There is a huge range in Empty Capsule pricing and a huge range in Empty Capsule filling performance. This relationship is not linear. Capsules must, first and foremost, perform to the high level you expect in your manufacturing process: A capsule which runs poorly and is problematic should not be purchased at any price. Unfortunately, it is quite common to not realize that your current capsule performs poorly, and you are overpaying. You don’t know what you don’t know. Focusing on these two issues can lead to positive results in material costs and production efficiencies.

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