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Lonza Biologics Inc offers wide range of pharma products and services which includes human mesenchymal stem cells & media. It belongs to primary and adult stem cells adult stem cells & media services & products category. It includes hmsc human mesenchymal stem cells, hmsc mesenchymal stem cell adipogenic differentiation medium, hmsc mesenchymal stem cell chondrocyte differentiation medium, hmsc mesenchymal stem cell osteogenic differentiation medium, mscgm™ mesenchymal stem cell growth medium, therapeak™ mscgm-cd™ mesenchymal stem cell medium, chemically defined.


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  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates

    Product Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates

    We provide customized chemical synthesis for active pharmaceutical ingredients from concept to commercial supply.

    We are an industry-leading integrated development and manufacturing service provider for small molecule drug substances and their intermediates.

    Chemistry is core to us. Our track record in producing API and intermediates extends back to the genesis of contract development and manufacturing. Thousands of compounds have been successfully developed and progressed by our R&D, process development and manufacturing teams. Many of these molecules have been scaled under accelerated timelines to meet program objectives. 

    We have an established history and ongoing service programs with the full range of customers from virtual companies to big pharma. Our development and manufacturing services for APIs routinely support:

    • drug substances requiring advanced synthesis expertise and process development
    • late phase clinical programs requiring the scale and expertise provided by Lonza for rapid API commercialization
    • highly potent compounds requiring our specialized infrastructure and handling capabilities
    • ADC payloads with the option of integrated services inclusive of monoclonal antibodies, inkers and conjugation services.  
    Phase-appropriate assets support all phases of drug substance development and supply.

  • Highly Potent API Handling

    Product Highly Potent API Handling

    HPAPI product handling from concept to commercial-scale manufacturing 

    Utilizing a combination of technology, infrastructure and expertise, we provide you with seamless, flexible HPAPI development and manufacturing tailored to your specific needs and resulting in reduced program timelines, complexity and risk.

    Helping you combat significant handling challenges 

    Highly potent APIs and drugs are increasingly prevalent in the drug development pipeline driven by oncology research and more targeted therapies across a number of indications. These high potency drug candidates represent a significant change in the way innovators are using small molecules to deliver new patient therapies.

    This shift toward the use of HPAPIs has led to a pipeline of more effective medicines, with potentially lower dose requirements and/or fewer side effects. This trend towards HPAPI manufacturing also presents significant handling challenges for innovators and their development & manufacturing partners.

    Development services for highly potent API across all standard chemical reactions for highly potent applications to 1 ng/m3.  

    With more than 20 years of experience in high potency drug handling and multiple HPAPI was taken from early to late-stage development and commercialization. We understand that simply having some reactors in high containment is not enough to manage the modern requirements for manufacturing HPAPI and intermediates. At our Center of Excellence for HPAPI development and manufacturing in Visp, CH, we have a comprehensive platform in place utilizing a highly skilled team, extensive evaluation and training procedures and state of the art facilities for optimized HPAPI development and scale-up. 

    HPAPI product development and manufacturing is a core strength of Lonza. We have an excellent track record and industry-leading capacity for HPAPI manufacturing with complementary strengths in contained particle engineering and specialized dosage forms for low dose / HPAPI applications.

    We also develop and manufacture ADC payloads at our Visp location, and provide integrated development and manufacturing across antibodies, payloads, linkers and conjugations, and sterile fill-finish.

  • Bioavailability Enhancement - Oral Drug Products and Intermediates

    Product Bioavailability Enhancement - Oral Drug Products and Intermediates

    The depth of our bioavailability (BA) enhancement offering makes us a leader in addressing addressing low solubility, low bioavailability and dissolution rate issues. We work collaboratively with our customers to advance compounds, or re-purpose existing compounds, across a full range of API properties and delivery challenges. Our end-to-end solutions incorporate full capabilities in bringing a compound from concept to commercialization, thereby minimizing program complexity, timelines and risk.

    Industry estimates indicate that more than 80% of new chemical entities exhibit low solubility, low bioavailability and / or low or inconsistent dissolution rate. Effectively addressing these drug solubility, bioavailability and dissolution rate problems is essential for advancing the compound and providing the desired therapeutic benefit of the drug product to patient. And ensuring that the solubility solution incorporates the ultimate manufacturability of the drug product can avoid time-consuming re-formulation and rapid advancement to market.

    We recognize the core challenges of advancing the new chemical compounds in today’s biopharmaceutical pipeline. That’s why we have developed a portfolio of bioavailability enhancement technologies and services with which to address poor solubility and inadequate or inconsistent dissolution rate.

    Our commitment to our customers includes a 20+ year track record across our bioavailability enhancement approaches with phase-appropriate processing in place to support non-GMP feasibility assessments through GMP clinical trials and commercial-scale manufacturing.
    Proven bioavailability enhancement technologiesOur bioavailability enhancement technologies include:

    Particle size reduction: micronization and nano-millingSolid dispersion technologies: hot-melt extrusion or spray dryingSpecialized nanocrystalline dispersion and spray-dried nanoadsorbate technologiesComplementary drug delivery technologies are utilized to modulate pharmacokinetics of the solubilized compound and achieve a full range of absorption profiles.

    Our scientists take a data-driven approach to characterizing BA problem statement(s) and selecting the enabling technology to advance your compound.

    Our integrated product design and development services provide the full range of capabilities to support the rapid advancement of compounds from concept to clinic. This range of services has been integrated in our SimpliFiH® Solutions offering designed to be phase-appropriate and to simplify your pathway to IND/IMPD studies:

    • API development and supply
    • API characterization
    • Product design and preformulation development
    • Formulation and product development
    • Analytical services and quality control
    • Clinical trial manufacture
    • Clinical packaging and supply services
    Additionally, our SimpliFiH® Solutions integrated service package is designed specifically to rapidly advance compounds to first-in-human studies.

  • Inhalation Formulation Services

    Product Inhalation Formulation Services

    Inhaled drug products for nasal or pulmonary delivery continue in popularity due to the prevalence of respiratory diseases around the globe. Additionally, the lung’s absorptive capacity continues to be explored as an attractive delivery point for both local and systemic applications. Particle engineering, a core strength of Lonza, is critical in achieving the particle size distribution required for effective drug delivery  (inhalation formulation development) using dry powder inhaler (DPI) devices.

    DPI technology has become the preferred approach for inhalation formulation vs. other dry powder technologies or aerosols. Lactose-blend or carrier-free based approaches to DPI require precise particle engineering through either micronization / jet milling or spray drying, respectively. Expertise and depth of capabilities in both particle size reduction and spray drying allow our scientists to choose the most appropriate technology for your specific DPI application.

    Our premier particle engineering platform is complemented by a full range of product development. Our product development teams are well versed in powder performance parameters for capsule-based devices.

      The choice between jet milling and spray drying technology is dependent upon a number of factors including:API characteristics and ability to be jet milledLactose compatibilityPhysical properties of the APIProcess and scale-up issuesContent uniformity concerns (especially for combination therapies)Particle size distribution requirementsAmount of NCE available for feasibility workOur scientists have the expertise and experience to rapidly identify the formulation and enabling technology required to meet your target product profile. Both particle engineering approaches continue to find broad application in inhaled formulations. However, spray drying is finding increased application in DPI approaches for larger molecules or when dispersion, nano-amorphous matrices, crystalline API in amorphous matrices, or mixed approaches are required.

    Our development and clinical inhalation powder manufacturing capabilities are located at our Bend (OR), US site and support all phases of inhalation product development. Small scale spray drying, wet milling and jet milling are all in place for early feasibility work. State-of-the-art clean rooms for spray drying and capsule-filling are also in place, as is a high containment suite for the safe handling of higher potency small and biologic compounds. Clinical scale and commercial scale jet milling capabilities are in place at our Quakertown (PA), US and Monteggio, CH locations.
  • Microreaction Technology

    Product Microreaction Technology

    Use of Microreaction Technology (MRT) may lower product cost of goods and increases yield and throughput of a manufacturing facility. This technology is able to perform hazardous, high temperature and pressure reactions, as well as those containing unstable or extremely reactive elements. Using MRT, these types of reactions can be safely operated under intensified process conditions.
  • Bioassay services

    Product Bioassay services

    At any point along your product development path, Lonza—™s Bioassay Services can help clients with immediate support for specific biological assay development. We work with our clients to overcome any quality, regulatory, or security challenges. For biopharmaceutical and cell therapy manufacturing, Lonza is the premier partner to accelerate market entry. We are driven to help clients reduce the overall time and cost of product development.

    Our facilities are accredited with AAALAC, registered with OLAW, PHS and USDA. Multiple species (large and small) are available for most services. We offer both GLP and Non-GLP compliant studies.

  • Biological assays

    Product Biological assays

    Lonza Biologics Inc offers wide range of pharma products and services which includes biological assays. It belongs to pharma & biotech, bioassay services category. It includes cell proliferation, cell permeability, apoptosis, cell differentiation, cell survival/cytotoxicity, immunoassays: elisa, flow cytometry (4 colors), adcc (antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity, etc.
  • Biopreservation, fill and finish

    Product Biopreservation, fill and finish

    Lonza Biologics Inc offers wide range of pharma products and services which includes biopreservation, fill and finish. It belongs to cell therapy products and services category. It recognize the unique time constraints associated with converting a cultured cell harvest into a formulated cell therapy product.
  • Cho cell media

    Product Cho cell media

    Lonza Biologics Inc offers wide range of pharma products and services which includes cho cell media. It belongs to upstream serum-free media and feed formulations services and products category. Contact us for more information.
  • Nucleofector™ devices

    Product Nucleofector™ devices

    Lonza Biologics Inc offers wide range of pharma products and services which includes nucleofector™ devices. It belongs to bioresearch transfection services and produtcs category. It includes 4d-nucleofector™ system, 96-well shuttle™ system, ht nucleofector™ system, nucleofector™ 2b device. It each optimized cell type and can be selected via the device or PC software. We offer three different device platforms plus an add-on device.
  • Custom powdered media

    Product Custom powdered media

    Lonza Biologics Inc offers wide range of pharma products and services which includes custom powdered media . It belongs to upstream serum-free media and feed formulations services and products category. Features: non animal origin facility, relative humidity, consistent particl size distribution, batch capacity 7.25kg - 7,290kg, temperature control, high speed impact, automatic cleaning in place, regulatory friendly, avoid clumping and reduces bioburden, excellent solubility, pilot batches to commercial scale, protection of sensitive chemicals.
  • Nucleofector™ kit accessories

    Product Nucleofector™ kit accessories

    Lonza Biologics Inc offers wide range of pharma products and services which includes nucleofector™ kit accessories. It belongs to bioresearch transfection services and produtcs category. . It includes nucleofector™ plus supplement, mouse t cell nucleofector™ medium, pmaxcloning™. It is caused by donor variance, isolation process or cell culture by using nucleofector™ plus Supplement for cryopreservation of larger cell batches in nucleofector™ solution.

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