15 Sep 2021

Environmentally friendly propellants Open Environmentally friendly propellants configuration options

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In recent years there has been a global focus on adopting sustainable processes, reducing carbon footprint and ultimately creating a ‘greener’ world for the future. The prominence placed on discussion around environmentally friendly operations has prompted widespread reviews of current practices across all industries, including the pharmaceutical industry.

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    Astrea Pharma will be the new owner of the facility at Fontaine-lès-Dijon
  • Brochure Recipharm Analytical Solutions™

    Through Recipharm Analytical Solutions™, we support customers with stand-alone analytical requirements.Our analytical development team has experience from developing hundreds of analytical methods every year,supporting development of formulations ranging from powder in capsules and IV solutions to ER tablets and drypowder inhalers. This means our 160-strong team of chemists are prepared for any challenge.
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    Your innovative drug. Our world-class production facilities. Discover the genius of working together.
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    Moving from drug discovery into the early clinical development can be both challenging and time consuming without access to the necessary expertise. To perform a phase 1 study successfully, having drug substances and drug products (of the right quality is crucial. In addition, the right knowledge and resources must also be in place, to ensure the fastest route to clinic.
  • Brochure Exploring new propellants

    Over the years, the prominence placed on creating a ‘greener’ future has increased dramatically. As a result, companies globally are facing growing pressure to adopt sustainable processes and reduce their carbon footprint. At Recipharm, we are taking a proactive approach to the situation and will be ready to adapt to any future changes of legislations, as well as supply challenges. 
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    At Recipharm, we have the experience and appropriate licencing to support both development and commercial supply of cannabinoids. And, to further assist researchers and pharma companies working in this field, we have also developed new, synthetic routes to five different cannabinoids, including CBDA, CBGA, and three metabolites. In addition, we have identified a novel, scalable, synthetic route to CBD.
  • Brochure Controlled substances

    At Recipharm we have been supporting customers with their controlled substance projects for more  than 25 years. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have the infrastructure to safely and securely handle potent materials and we are approved to import, store, manufacture and export Class 1–5 controlled substances.
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    We understand the need for high quality and timely delivery and work with our customers throughout their development projects to ensure success. Our dedicated development facilities, cleanrooms for cGMP production of solid, liquid, and semi-solid formulations and sterile suites to produce sterile vials, allow us to cater for a range of clinical trials from Phase I to smaller Phase III trials. Large trials will be supplied from our commercial manufacturing sites.
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    Bespak by Recipharm delivers market leading design, development, and manufacturing services for inhalation drug delivery devices to the global pharmaceutical market, at low, medium and high volume manufacturing scales.
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    We explore the challenges and pitfalls in developing new genetic vaccines, and in manufacturing them following approval. In addition, we discuss how strategic partnerships with expert contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs) can support vaccine developers to bring their innovations to market.
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    In this eBook, we will explore how drug developers can best identify and develop the right drug delivery device for their self-administered injectable products. We will also highlight the potential disadvantages of poorly designed devices. We will provide practical, straightforward advice around choosing the right device for the needs of self-injected products, and the considerations that need to be made to ensure optimum performance and long-term patient acceptance as well as highlight the added value of engaging device experts early in the design and development process.
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    While developing a new pharmaceutical product is one of the most interesting and rewarding activities to partake in, it is also extremely challenging. It is a given that drug development projects will not always succeed and the more innovative they are, the higher the likelihood of failure. There is no way to eliminate the risk of failure. However, there are ways to reduce these risks.
  • Technical Data Recipharm Inhalation Solutions™

    At Recipharm, we support inhalation product developmentand manufacturing through our end-to-end service offering,Recipharm Inhalation Solutions™.
  • Technical Data Pilot plant

    nhalation development and manufacturing for early and late-stage clinical supply.

    Recipharm Inhalation Solutions™ offers comprehensive contract development and manufacturing solutions for early and late-phase clinical supply from our stand-alone pilot plant as part of our integrated inhalation offering.

  • Technical Data Innovation services

    Bespak by Recipharm delivers market leading design, development, and manufacturing services for drug delivery devices to the global pharmaceutical market. Based in Cambridge, UK, our innovation centre is home to a team with diverse skills and expertise. Established to create new technologies that form the core around which we build and develop reliable, robust products, capable of meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations with a focus on parenteral, nasal and ophthalmic routes of administration.
  • Technical Data Inhalation and nasal product manufacturing

    Recipharm offers inhalation and nasal product manufacturing in compliance with FDA and MHRA regulations. We offer contract manufacturing, packaging and supply to the global pharmaceutical market.Our dedicated team has more than 50 years’ experience in manufacturing inhalable products and supports our customers with the development and commercialisation of metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers and nasal sprays.
  • Technical Data Device contract manufacturing

    Bespak by Recipharm delivers market leading design, development, and manufacturing services for drug delivery devices to the global pharmaceutical market, at low, medium and high volume manufacturing scales. We have extensive experience in producing medical devices, including inhalers, nasal technologies, and auto-injectors, for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • Technical Data Extractables and Leachables testing

    Our E&L testing capabilities include analytical techniques designed to identify and test a wide range of additives and impurities, which could migrate from packaging to the drug product, potentially affecting drug efficacy and patient safety.
  • Technical Data Combination inhalation devices

    We have contributed to the design, development, and commercialisation of some of the world’s leading inhalation devices.
  • Technical Data Thinking about the bigger picture in inhalation product development

    You’ve had an idea for an inhalation product, and you understand your first steps, but do you need to be thinking further ahead?

    Whether you are a start-up, a scale-up or a well-established pharmaceutical company, it can often be challenging to identify the next stage of your inhalation product development journey, let alone understand the entire process from discovery to commercialisation. 

    Failure to do so, however, could have ramifications for your project, impacting on whether or not your discovery will be able to reach the patients that need them most. 

    In our latest poster, our Recipharm experts have identified the five key reasons why you should think about the entire lifecycle of your product – not just the next development milestone.

  • Video Webinar - Tomorrow’s medicines with today’s drug substances

    Developing new pharmaceutical products is difficult in today’s environment. Products based on new chemical entities (NCEs) have the potential to generate huge profits, but the development process is long (often 10 years), costs are high (about $ 1 billion) and the risk of failure is great. In contrast, the development of generics is faster and much less costly. However, profits are generally small with a decreasing trend due to fierce competition. An interesting segment is new products using new dosage forms and existing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) - known as “drug delivery innovation.’ Such products offer an alternative as development timelines are shorter, costs are significantly less, and a certain degree of market exclusivity can be gained. Consequently, these products can be highly profitable.
  • Video Aseptic Manufacturing – Design of Lines for Filling and Lyophilisation

    This Learning Lab session was originally broadcast as part of the CPHI Worldwide Content programme, this session will explore: Design and realisation of lines for filling and lyophilisation of drug products Development of a lyophilisation cycle for an mRNA vaccine candidate in 2 months Reduction of lyophilisation cycle during optimisation process
  • Video Recent Trends in Self-Administration Drug Delivery Systems

    This session was originally broadcast as part of the CPHI Worldwide 2021 content programme. When we look at the evolution of the patient experience in drug delivery, we see that patients have traditionally been tethered to healthcare professionals, typically needing to visit a clinic to administer their treatment. With the arrival of new technologies, higher patient empowerment and better drug delivery mechanism, patients are starting to look for safe and more convenient manners moving toward self-administered rather than hospital-administered formulations. This session will explore: Growth, Competition, and Improved Access to Key Therapies Paving the Way for Increasing Advances in the Self-Administration Drug-Delivery Industry New Large-Volume Administration Devices Patient-Centricity Taking a Pivotal Role
  • Video Accelerating Analytical Method Development using Non-Conventional Detection Techniques

    This Learning Lab session was originally broadcast as part of the CPHI Worldwide 2021 digital content programme and will discuss: The challenging issues involved in analytical development using conventional detectors It will provide you with a broader discussion on non-conventional detectors and benefits from their usage The session will show some case studies involved in the development of methods using non-conventional detectors