In the know: New ISO standard published for footwear manufacturing

21 Jan 2020

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published a new standard, named ISO 19577:2019 Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components -- Determination of Nitrosamines.

This ISO standard details the determination of 12 different nitrosamines that may be found in rubber used to manufacture footwear. Using ISO standards in manufacturing helps to improve manufacturing systems and processes coupled with improving safety and quality of products. ISO standards act as a guideline to ensure footwear products are fit for purpose.

In the know: New ISO standard published for footwear manufacturing
ISO19577:2019 published for footwear and footwear components - Determination of Nitrosamines

The footwear industry is currently tightening regulations for the use of rubbers in footwear manufacturing. Traditional rubber accelerators, such as thiazoles (MBTS/MBT) and thiurams (TMTD), have been identified to leave toxic residues in shoe soles and also generate highly toxic nitrosamines during the manufacturing process. These chemicals pose a hazard to the individual wearing the shoes as well as the environment such as: Type IV allergy concerns, nitrosamine generation and residual accelerators that can be carcinogenic. For this reason, ISO has reviewed the guidelines of nitrosamines present in footwear and footwear components, and published ISO 19577:2019 standard to act as a benchmark.

Robinson Brothers’ Robac Technology offers bespoke solutions to these challenges. Robac AS100, was specifically engineered to be completely consumed during rubber vulcanisation to prevent the generation of harmful nitrosamines and zero residue. No residue, no hazard, no risk. 

Robac Technology products provide solutions for regulatory demands in terms of health, safety and environmental matters; whilst satisfying the exacting demands of applications. If you need assistance with transitioning to safer accelerator systems, please contact us today.

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Robac Technology is the rubber accelerators and polymer chemical division of Robinson Brothers. This business sector focuses specifically on chemicals used in dry and wet rubber applications, plus additional polymer additives. Our product portfolio includes nitrosamine-safe accelerators that can be used in a variety of articles, such as: toys, automotive components, medical devices and shoe soles.

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