28 Apr 2021

Reprint 'Active Ingredient Of The Year 2015 in Aesthetic Dermatology'

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  • Video What makes special cosmetics 'state of the art‘ in dermatology?

    This webinar originally aired as part of CPhI Discover - 17-28 May 2021 What makes special cosmetics 'state of the art' in dermatology? This session will walk you through some important basic mechanisms of the skin. It will show you how a billion-year-old microalgae can be stimulated to give us a very attractive ingredient that can be used in a wide range of nice formulations. It also helps dermatologists and hundreds of thousands of patients get rid of very common problems in dermatology.
  • Video Ilon HS lip cream for lips prone to herpes

    HS lip cream is using the properties of Spiralin for care and protection before, during and after a lip herpes reactivation. The conclusion of the leading medical journal JACI (2016/01) from the results of a clinical model of herpes exacerbation (n=198) is: ‚the prophylactic effect of ...(HS) cream was superior to that of acyclovir cream‘.
  • Whitepaper Spirularin Nail Serum with microbial protection

    Spirularin Nail Serum is using the strong antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties of the micro algae Spiralin to care and regenerate problematic nails, e.g. at diabetic feet. The application of Spirularin Nail Serum is recommended in the compendium 'The Big Book Of Nail Diseases' Anke Niederau in the recommended podiatry treatment concept for fungal nails. The compendium already published in several languages (German, Russian, English, Japanese etc.).
  • Video Spiralin micro algae

    Micro algae belong to the group of the oldest living organisms on earth. The animated video shows how these survivalists could stand extremely dangerous environments and could defend themselves against their major enemies during the evolution process: fungi, bacteriae and viruses.