10 May 2021

Bachem Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • News Bachem & Novo Nordisk Redesign SPPS for Green Chemistry

    In our studies in collaboration with Novo Nordisk, we set out to identify environmentally benign solvents suitable for large-scale SPPS of peptide therapeutics at ambient temperature by assessing reagent solubility, resin swelling, amino acid coupling and Fmoc-removal efficiency in a collection of REACH compatible neat solvents and selected binary solvent mixtures. These studies have shown that binary solvent mixtures are indeed viable alternatives.
  • Brochure Molecular Hiving™️ Technology

    The Molecular Hiving™️ technology is especially suitable for the synthesis of peptide ingredients for cosmetic products, as CMR solvents and reagents can entirely be avoided during the manufacturing process.
  • News The Top 5 Industry Content Reads on CPHI Online

    If you’re looking for news, product information and market trends from leading pharma companies, the Company Showcases are a great resource for buyers who want to stay up to date, browse product portfolios and find the right partner. 

    The Company Showcase profiles offer a library of free to access, downloadable content, including videos and webinars, reports, whitepapers and product brochures, from the Pharma suppliers and service providers you’d look to meet at our events.

  • Brochure Partner from Research to Marketed API

    As the world’s leading company in the development and production of peptides and oligonucleotides (TIDES), Bachem is a strategic partner for Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Cosmetics and Life Science research. We work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure the success of their ambitious product development programs.Innovation is one of our key success factors. We are not only producing peptides and oligonucleotides in large quantities in modern industrial production facilities; we are also automating our manufacturing processes wherever possible. We have set new standards in quality, increased efficiency and reduced solvent volumes. There is an increase in the therapeutic use of oligonucleotide-based drugs. The category is also expanding from rare diseases into chronic diseases, with the potential to make a huge difference to more lives. We identified this need for oligonucleotide therapeutics to address larger-scale patient populations and indications. This is driving our commitment and journey in oligonucleotide NCEs: we want to help build a new future.
  • News Bachem ensures global market supply of the active ingredient Propofol from Swiss production site

    The Bachem Group (SIX: BANB) today announced measures and decisions designed to ensure that the global market is kept supplied with the active pharmaceutical ingredient Propofol from its Swiss production site in Vionnaz.
  • Brochure Generic API

    Bachem covers the entire life cycle of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), from early discovery to research grade catalogue item, to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) grade API suitable for clinical trials and drug products and, ultimately, to a high-quality and state-of-the-art generic API.

    We can fulfill your needs from a few grams to multi-kilogram to tenth of tons of generic API using different organic, Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS), Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (LPPS) or mixed peptide chemistries, from our four GMP manufacturing plants located in Europe and in the US.

    With over 50 years of experience, Bachem is your innovative partner for the most sophisticated peptides and organic compounds and is ready to fully support you from development, to registration and reliable commercial supply for your next project.

  • Whitepaper Microspheres and Nanoparticles for Peptide Delivery

    Microparticle formulation has been successfully applied in a number of commercial products containing peptides as APIs. The use of nanoparticles for delivering proteins and peptides are still in early stages of development. Discover how Bachem is part of this technology!
  • Whitepaper Biological Potency Assays for Synthetic Peptide API GMP

    Like all drug substance material, synthetic peptides manufactured under GMP conditions require stringent analytical tests for release and use in humans for clinical trials and approved treatments.
  • Whitepaper A New Turn in Peptide Purification: Peptide Easy Clean platform

    Long or strongly hydrophobic peptides may aggregate and become challenging to handle, either for further chemical reactions or for purification. PEC platform represents an opportunity to overcome these drawbacks and may facilitate and/or accelerate the purification process.
  • Video Market Outlook: Japan

    An in-depth look at the Japanese Pharma market. Hear from Associations and Analysts on market potential, challenges and opportunities, and from pharma companies who have successfully built a business in the market. Aired as part of the CPHI Festival of pharma
  • Webinar Sustainable Production of complex API

    Improving the sustainability in the CDMO industry is a multi-facetted approach covering environmental, economic and social tasks while having a strong focus on these areas where a company can make the highest impact. Bachem, the leading manufacturer of peptides and oligonucleotides is a good example for using this approach successfully. By innovating for better manufacturing the company could massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and solvent consumptions: something that is also of utmost interest when searching for a partner for large-scale production of oligonucleotides and peptides.