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21 Oct 2011

India Considers Special Financial Package to Boost Pharma Exports

India is considering the need for special financial package to boost the exports of pharma products from India.

India's Commerce Ministry has put forward a number of measures including special financial package for pharma sector, soft-funding to bio-equivalence centres, and liaison offices in Asian countries to boost the exports of pharma products from India.


In a note sent to the other Ministries concerned, the Commerce Ministry said the need for special financial assistance for the pharma sector had been raised in different meetings of the stakeholders. Besides R&D expenditure, regulatory requirements require large funds. Establishing large number of Bioequivalence centres through soft-funding would lower the costs of bioequivalence tests.


"To maintain the leadership of Indian pharma, research in frontier areas would have to be taken up through a government supported R&D pro

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