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18 Aug 2011

India's Commerce Ministry Urges Industry to Implement Barcoding

At a seminar on Tuesday, Commerce Secretary Rahul Khullar argued for the introduction of India's barcoding regulation and urged the industry to implement with no further extension.

India's Union Commerce Ministry has indicated that it will not further push the deadline or have a rethink about the implementation of  barcoding for pharmaceutical exports, at least for the time now.


"We had extensive meetings with all stakeholders and took six months to get consensus on the matter. We have pushed the deadline again, and accommodated all concerns of the industry. Now the responsibility is on the industry to implement it,” said Commerce Secretary Rahul Khullar.


While addressing the industry leaders at a seminar here on Tuesday held by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he went further to add that the logical extension of the barcoding will be in the domestic sector and urged the Departments of Pharmaceuticals and Health to consider it.

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