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The power of Dividella's NeoTOP & NeoTRAY cartoning solutions is enhanced by modular feeding systems that allow packaging lines to be optimized and tailored for all packaging formats and objects.

Dividella feeding modules can be selected to support Top Loading of sensitive parenteral products. In the case of the new NeoTRAY solution, Side Loading of the contents follow the product insertion where both can be effected simultaneously.

These feeding systems incorporate highly sophisticated technology, developed over many decades and extensively field tested and proven within the pharmaceutical industry. 
Dividella feeding technologies One of the key challenges in parenteral packaging is to devise a feeding system that will apply gentle yet flexible handling for fragile items such as syringes, vials, pens, soft blisters etc. In this area Dividella is able to apply a very wide range of feeding technologies.

These include:

·         Prefilled Syringe Inserter: Syringes are delivered horizontally or upright through a PUCK system for top loading. 

·         Pen Insertion: A PUCK system delivers pens or Injectors standing vertically upright for top loading.

·         Syringes in trays: Syringes are pre-loaded into trays for delivery to the relevant feed-in inserting station.

·         Ampoule & Vial Infeed: Standing Ampoules and /or Vials are delivered inline or manual from trays or from a conveyor to a feeding table to the ‘pick and place’ handling units. Pick and place handling stations insert ampoules/vials into open cartons.

·         Booklets / Inserts and various other products such as Needles, Swipes, IV Sets, Plungers etc. delivered manually or from trays and inserted into the completed package prior to sealing

These feeding systems can align, spread and individually check each element before packaging while handling up to 500 objects per minute, supporting very high production outputs.

Apart from the actual pharmaceutical products, placing inserts can present major challenges. The handling of inserts is a critical area, especially in the case of high-output machines such as the Dividella NeoTOP 804, which can produce up to 240 packs per minute and the new NeoTRAY which produces up to 400 packs per minute. Dividella has developed a wide range of scalable feeding systems for this purpose. Consequently, very large, thick inserts can be fed in at full speed, using minimum labor.

In recent years, Dividella, on the basis of its particular expertise in this area, has also developed a wide range of different customized feed systems, linked to upstream machines – for pens, prefilled syringes, plungers, soft blisters etc.

Medipak Systems sister company MediSeal also uses Dividella feeding systems for its specialist thermoformers. These synergies ensure that systems are used in many different situations, field-tested and further developed to guarantee maximum operational reliability.


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Infeeding Systems for all your products

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