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6 Jan 2014

INFORS HT Opens New Offices in the US

INFORS HT, a global leader in the production of shakers, bioreactors and bioprocess control software, opened new offices in the US.


INFORS HT has, until now, been represented in the US by ATR (Appropriate Technical Resources Inc.). From 1 January 1 2014, INFORS HT is going to take over this part of the ATR business — including its infrastructure, the existing customer relations, and full complement of staff.


To guarantee a seamless continuity of service to their customers, all sales and service offices as well as production teams will remain unchanged, as will any current contact personnel. By increasing its presence in the US, INFORS HT will not only expand its customer base but give its customers direct day-to-day contact with INFORS HT representatives and no longer via a third party.


Marcel Brauchli, CEO of INFORS HT, points out: “We’re proud of our new branches and look forward to having direct contact with our customers in the USA. We’re convinced that, in this way, we can improve customer relations and build more successful long term partnerships.”


This new direct contact will also bring about an added value to customers. They will have access to a committed team who have a wealth of experience, technical know-how and innovative thinking that is second-to-none.


The new CEO of Infors US Inc., Simon Egli, holds a master degree in biotechnology engineering from the University of Waedenswil (CH). Before joining INFORS HT at the headquarters in Switzerland, he worked in various bioprocess production and validation positions at a management level. He has been with INFORS HT for 3 years.

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