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Inline Mixers:

Usually called "high-shear mixers", are the most common form of Dispersing/Homogenising/ Emulsifying mixer. By placing a form of closely-fitting shroud around a high speed impeller, it is possible to create a shearing action between the blades and stator shroud. As material is centrifugally pumped through the mixing head, some of it will see this high shear zone and experience shear stressing that results in dispersive mixing. Where small or uniform dispersions are required, material must be cycled through the head many times to ensure statistically that all of the material has passed through the high shear zone at least once.

PUMPING ACTION : Because of indigenous design & rotor operating at very high speed in close clearance with stator draws the material in & imparts mechanical & shearing actions. Inline Homogenizer facilitates high volume, non positive action which is sufficient to transfer the material without any supplementary pumps but in some cases because of high viscosity, vertical lift or length of pipe line , the flow rate may come down below the anticipated value, In that case it is supplemented by an auxiliary pump installed in the system which pumps the liquid without reducing the homogenising/emulsifying efficiency of the system.

END CONNECTION : The inlet & outlet are normally fitted with . DIN, Tri Clover/ Sanitary Screw fittings but other Modes of fittings can be provided on request.

SEALING : Single mechanical seal with Carbon, silicon carbonized phase combination is provided. Special single or double sealing is also available for conditions & process which demand it eg. Latex , Abrasive solids.


Inline emulsifier is successfully used for the following processes :

There are certain processes which demand higher degree of homogenization, dispersion, comminution & but to attain that level, single passage of material through Inline is not sufficient to reach that degree , in that situation , it is more useful to pass the product several times through the same machine by means of recirculation. The above process is normally adopted in producing emulsion of Oil & Water. Oil, which is lighter than water is charged in the holding vessel & water is added into the pipe line between vessel outlet valve & Inlet of Inline Emulsifier. This mix is immediately sucked into the head of emulsifier & there mixing/ emulsification/ homogenization takes place. This mix is then sent into the vessel. This process is repeated till achievement of perfect emulsion. Where viscosity is very high or vessel size is large, it is recommended to go for Batch type mixer along with Inline Mixer.

In this process, all ingredients are mixed in a holding vessel with some agitator & a single passage through the inline smoothens the lumps and homogenize a suspension or emulsion.


3 Hp models to 25 Hp model 








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More Products from Brilliant Process Machinery Pvt. Ltd.



    CAPCITY: 20 LTRS TO 10000 LTRS. Complete vessel designs as per ASME Code. Instrumentation & connections comply with BPE & EHEDG guideline. Zero dead leg Aseptic design Flush Bottom Outlet diaphragm valve. Vessel design & fittings are designed for CIP / SIP able. Volume monitoring by load cells, PH conductivity. No stagnant point to avoid bacterial growth. It is polished to high degree of finish and electro polished to the Ra value of 0.4. Provided with nitrogen purging system and 0.2 u vent filter Magnetic drive, so no seals, no shaft, thereby eliminating contamination


    Vertical / Horizontal Distilled Water Storage Tank is available in both jacketed and non jacketed design. If WFI is to be stored overnight or for a longer period of time, then it is essential to keep it in hot condition, at around 80 C. Distilled Water Storage Tank with jacketed design, where heating medium is either boiler steam or electrical heaters in the jacket, provides you with an ideal solution.

    WFI Storage tank will have the following special features

    The tank is designed to withstand pressure as well as vacuum. Therefore it can be steam sterilized.No stagnant points which will promote bacterial growth.All surfaces are creviceless and having high degree of finish.Insulation with SS welded sheeting and jacket provided on the tank will minimize heat loss.All the surfaces coming in contact with WFI are made of SS 316/316L quality.Electropolished interiors are provided as optional.WFI (Water for Injection) Storage Tank are supplied with the following accessories

    Spray Ball for SIP / CIP.Temperature Indicator cum Control Arrangement.
    Level Indicator cum Controller.
    0.2 Micron Vent Filter.
    Pressure Gauge and Safety Valve.
    Diaphragm Valve.SS panel.

    Product COATING PAN

    Coating Pan are made of stainless steel all contact parts of S.S 304, S.S 316, S.S 316L
    The unit is Equipped With suitable hot air Blower with thermostatic Control. No foundation requirement.
    Models available from 12” –24”-36”-48” - 60”
    Adaptability for lower size of coating pan & polishing pan.
    Validation documentation can be provided on request.
    Matching exhaust blower available.
    Heaters & blowers are electrically interlocked.
    Perforated bowls with suction device for increased productivity, energy conservation and dust control.
    Standard & GMP models are available.


  • Oinment Cream Mfg. Plant

    Product Oinment Cream Mfg. Plant

    •The ointment units are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the production of ointment, creams, tooth paste, lotions and other emulsions and homoginizations.
    Particular attention has been paid to ease cleaning, efficiency of agitators, ease of maintenance.
    The combined action of horizontal blade and specially designed anchor ensures most efficient mixing with shearing action of homoginizer, important when working with viscous products.

    SLOW AGITATOR : Anchor with Teflon scrapper and turbine blades. FAST AGITATOR : Fitted either at the bottom or from the top with interchangeable stator & rotor.•Manufacturing vessel and agitators are made out of AISI 316 SS fitted with flush bottom valve.
    Wax/water phase vessel with side mounted fast speed stirrer, flush bottom valve and conical filter.
    Manufacturing vessel with Double speed anchor and fast speed emulsifier fitted with mechanical seal.
    Jacket is SS AISI 304 / mild steel with glass wool insulation & AISI 304 SS cladding.
    Lifting pneumatically for manufacturing vessel.
    Spray ball install on top cover for cleaning main vessel.
    Monitoring of the product temperature, PT 100 probe in a special sheath mounted on the vessel wall with digital indicator on panel.
    Electric control panel board with all necessary controls.
    Internal mirror polished, external satin finish to the highest sanitary standard.
    Electro polished seamless product piping with all DIN fittings.
    • •
    OINTMENT PLANT COMPRISES FOLLOWING COMPONENTS:Manufacturing vessel and agitators are made out of AISI 316 SS fitted with flush bottom valve.
    Wax/water phase vessel with side mounted fast speed stirrer, flush bottom valve and conical filter.
    Manufacturing vessel with Double speed anchor and fast speed emulsifier fitted with mechanical seal.
    Jacket is SS AISI 304 / mild steel with glass wool insulation & AISI 304 SS cladding.
    Lifting pneumatically for manufacturing vessel.
    Spray ball install on top cover for cleaning main vessel.
    Monitoring of the product temperature, PT 100 probe in a special sheath mounted on the vessel wall with digital indicator on panel.
    Electric control panel board with all necessary controls.
    Internal mirror polished, external satin finish to the highest sanitary standard.
    Electro polished seamless product piping with all DIN fittings. •OPTIONAL: •Vacuum system except vacuum pump.
    Breathing filter install on the top cover of main vessel for vacuum break system.
    Steam stations with all fittings i.e. Auto steam control valve, steam trap, moisture separator and steam pressure reducing valve.
    Speed control system for high speed emulsifier and anchor agitator can be used for wide range of products.
    PLC micro processor for control process parameters provided with printer.
    Explosion proof motors specially for flammable products handling. •Hydraulic lifting arrangement for main vessel.
    We also Manufacture CONTRA ROTARY Manufacturing line for TOOTH PASTE.
    We undertake complete Turnkey job with respect to Cream/ Ointment Manufacturing Plant including utility lines.
    We also offer PLC Base Control Pannel for full Auto Cycle with Load cell as per Clients requirements.


    Pharmaceutical : Ointments and Creams.
    Cosmetic : Mascara, Lipstick, Shaving creams gels.
    Oil emulsion : Pigmented creams, gel emulsions

    Product AUTOCOATER

    •All the product contact parts are made from Stainless Steel corresponding to 316 •Pan speed 1 to 15 RPM, The pan speed is variable and can be changed from the control panel.  •Perforated pan with more than 55% opening for better quality  finish The pan is cylindrical in shape and is made out of stainless steel sheet.  The middle portion of the pan is perforated, having 2.5 mm. diameter  holes, to enable hot air to enter the pan while in rotation. 4 nos. removable Rabbit-ear baffles provided

    Pan speed control via variable frequency AC Drive

    Tablet discharging facility will be through the special diverter assembly

    On the front Stainless steel cover with a glass door for process visualization.

    Front Entry stainless steel arm, with facility to adjust the angle of spray guns is provided.

    A stainless steel 304 sink at bottom of pan for collection of powder with necessary stainless steel piping with tri-clover joints for ease of cleaning during the change over.

    The coating pan alongwith the drive system, hot air plenum, exhaust plenum, pan washing sink, washing pipe line etc. are housed in a stainless steel cabinet

    Fluorescent Light is provided for illumination in side the pan

    LHS (Leftt Hand Side) and RHS wall of the machine will be double insulated to prevent the heat lose

    CIP System Including High Pressure Pump And Jet Nozzles

    Plc based control panel with coloured touch screen HMI and 80 column printer

  • Rapid Mixer Granulator (R.M.G.)

    Product Rapid Mixer Granulator (R.M.G.)

    •RAPID MIXER GRANULATOR : BRILLIANT mixer is designed to meet special needs of tablet manufacturing technology. This is achieved by reducing processing time, more homogenous mixing, uniformity of Granule size and above all maintaining improved hygienic standards within the highest GMP norms

    •cGMP : MIXER is designed to achieve all the requirements of cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices. The components are easily dismantable, can be cleaned thoroughly and assembled in quick time. The shaft seals are very effective to check any leakages and cross contamination due to adherants. The bowl and all the components are of highly polished Stainless Steel and without sharp corners or crevices.


    •Unique structure with the advance technique imported for abroad, be made of SUS304/316L; inner surface polished, outer surface frosted; meets the GMP standard. Be widely used in the field of producing foods, beverage, and medicine for cooling, heating, and mixing.•Be made of SUS304/316L, polished inside and outside. Be widely used in storing liquids such as foods, beverage, and medicine, etc.


    Reverse Flow Zero Hold Up Type:  Here the direction of flow of liquid is exactly opposite to the flow in standard filter i.e. the impure liquid to be filtered enters the filter from the bottom into the center channel & goes to the top of each plate. The clear filtrate flows out from openings on side to the shell & then to the outlet. This flow ensure almost 100% filtration of the liquid which is not so with the standard flow type.
    Plates Dia.

    SALIENT FEATURES: •Manufactured in SS 304 / S.S. 316 / S.S. 316L M.O.C. •M.S. / S.S. Jacket can be provided for hot filtration. •Gives crystal clear filtration by filtering particles  up to 1 micron size. •Scavenger arrangement to remove all the liquid. •Cake can be dried either by compressed air or by insert gas, steam. •Filtration rates from 600 Liters / hr. to 30000 liters / hr possible depending on the models. •Centrifugal / Gear / Lobe pumps can be offered, which can also be used for liquid transfer. •Sample collecting device & safety valve provided.


    Octagonal Blender, due to its octagonal shape is designed to process larger volume of material. It occupies less space compared to other similar blenders like 'V' and Double Cone. Power consumption is also less. The blending takes place at low speed during operation. It is well balanced even in higher capacities.
    It is very useful for pharmaceutical industries wherein gentle blending of dry granules of powder is to be done. It is a slow speed blender and has removable type baffles mounted on a rectangular shell. The important feature of the machine is easy to wash in place.


    Octagonal blender is supplied with a bin charging system or can be designed for vacuum charging. Dust free charging system is also incorporated, which is a completely closed system for charging and discharging of powders or granules. The power consumption is comparatively lower than other similar type of blenders.


    The material to be mixed is charged in machine either manually from top or bin charging system or vacuum charging system and then the port is locked positively. Then blender is started to preset blending time. At the end of process, machine is stopped and the product is transferred to process containers by opening the butterfly valve




    Ø  Dry powder mixing for tablets and capsules formulations


    Ø  Dry granules sub lots mixing to increase the batch size at bulk lubrication stage of tablet granules.




    Material handling in Octagonal Blender is through Bin charging or a Vacuum charging system

    Bin charging system ensures Dust free closed system for Charging and Discharging of Product

    Power consumption is relatively lower than other tumble blenders

    Capacities available from 1 L to 10000 L (Higher capacity upto 20000 L on demand)

    Slow speed Blender with gentle blending of Dry granules

    Rectangular opening Lid with Removable Baffle mounted inside.

    Optional in built in Vacuum design.

    No external PTS (Powder Transfer System) required.

    Zero Jerk Load as machine is both dynamic and statically balanced.

    Totally enclosed.

    The baffles are eliminated with blending profile analysis available.

    Complete Design engineering along with the Extrapolation data available.

    Maintenance free design.

    Detailed torque calculation for the Bin; loading Model available.

    Pneumatically actuated valves for dust free transfers.

    Bins with Level sensory for automatic cut off.

    Mechanical Seals on shafts for Pneumatic connections.

    cGMP design for ease of cleaning.

    CE Certified.




    Product VIBRO SIFTER


    Brilliant’s Vibro Sifter works on vibratory principle. The required vibratory motion is obtained from specially designed Vibrating motor, which is fitted underneath the vibrating assembly. The complete vibrating assembly is isolated from the base by means of specially designed rugged springs. Vibratory-motor is fitted with top & bottom eccentric weights designed as per required centrifugal force. This whole assembly is covered by SS plate.
    The deck hopper is fabricated from SS 316 sheet. To collect the discharge tangential, discharge port is provided on the hopper. Conical shape top lid is provided with charging port. Lid Free silicon molded Screen is fitted in between the bottom Hopper & top hopper. The machine inner & outer surfaces are mirror polished.


    Ø  GMP Model with contact parts in SS 316. & Non Contact Parts in SS 304.

    Ø  Amplitude of Vibratory Motion adjustable through moveable eccentric weight

    Ø  SS 316 Hood with 200 mm dia Nozzle for dust free charging of Powders.

    Ø  The machine can easily be dismantled, cleaned & assemble through quick opening SS 316 clamps.

    Ø  Portable mounted on sturdy PU Coated Castor Wheels. The Vibrating assembly is isolated by rugged springs.

    Ø  Finish: Inside - 0.4 Ra. Mirror Polish. Outside - 0.5 Ra. Mirror Polish.

    Ø  The machine is designed to be totally dust free. Provision of a vent.

    Ø  Dust free docking station for loading and Unloading.   

    Ø  Silicon Bonded Integrated Mesh.

    Ø  Silicon Balls for Lump Breaking & Mech cleaning.



    50 Kgs. - 2000 kgs per hour

    Mesh sizes (inches): 12, 20, 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, 72, and 108

















    Planetary Mixer is ideal for mixing of wet/dry materials. It has a homogenous mixing action.

    The planetary motion of the beater enables faster and better mixing of material at a considerably lesser time.

    It is high shear mixer and is available in variable speed drive.

    Slow speed is used for dry mixing with less dust generation and faster speed for kneading operation during wet granulation.

    Portable mixing bowl with top mounted agitator has a dual advantage of material transfer and no risk of gland packing contamination.

    Salient Features

    All contact parts of the mixing bowl and beater are made out of S.S 304 material or S.S. 316, as per requirements. Scrapping blades can also be provided if required

    The mixing bowl can be jacketed for electric / steam heating

    Ideal equipment for small batch sizes

    Manual lifting arrangements for agitators up to 50 Lts and motorised lifting arrangement for capacities of 100 lts and above can be provided

    The top of the mixing bowl has an S.S. lid with a charging hole

    The mixing bowl is provided with castor wheels and locking system for easy handling and transportation

    Flame proof motor can be supplied as optional
    Capacity Available 20L to 3000L


    - Powder to Powder mixing
    - Manufacturing of starch paste with steam or thermic fluid electrically heated jacketed with or without a flush bottom valve for discharge
    - Dry powder to wet phase mixing for wet granulation



    Product AIR TRAY DRYER


    A highly effective recirculating air system is provided. The filtered air, heated electrically, is recirculated with fresh air in selected proportions for optimum drying. Uniform air circulation, controlled temperature, sturdy construction and large working space are the valuables of the oven which is suitably designed to cover wide temperature range. Loading and unloading is faster and simple. In higher capacities trays trolley rolls in and out of the chamber. For continous operation a spare trolley can be had for loading while the drying cycle is taking place. 

    BRILLIANT’s Drying oven is fabricated out of rigid angle iron frame with double walled panels insulated with best quality compressed fibre glass and with a rigid door fitted with strong hings and best chosen locking arrangement. A control is fixed in front of the oven to facilitate the operation easily. It has a large working space and is available in good finishing in synthetic enamel colour. Inner walls are painted with heatresistant paint to resist temperature up to 300 degree


    The Drying ovens are electrically heated and thermostatically controlled. It is fitted with timer to facilitate working day and night. Dryers are well accepted for fast economical drying of powders, bottles, & other materials.
    Dial thermometer and a thermostat/digital temp controller with time switch are supplied to facilitate working day and night.

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