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24 Mar 2020

Innovative Salts for Biopharma

With more than 130 years of experience, Dr. Paul Lohmann® is an expert in salt manufacturing and provides DPL-BioPharm Salts for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Our German production facilities are GMP certified and the product portfolio includes more than 400 different salts. These salts act as nutrients for cell cultures as well as buffering agents within upstream processing and stabilizer of drug substances in final formulation.

For downstream processing various acetates, citrates, phosphates and sulfates enable efficient bioprocesses for separation, precipitation and purification.

Upstream: Highly soluble Ferric Citrate with an excellent dissolution rate

One example of the R&D and manufacturing expertise is the new Ferric Citrate DPL-BioPharm grade for cell culture/fermentation. Ferric Citrate is hardly soluble with a low dissolution rate. Our innovative Ferric Citrate DPL-BioPharm grade shows very good solubility (100-300g/L) and an excellent dissolution rate (9.5 mS/cm within 2 min). Since most bioprocesses are performed in solution all raw materials need to get into solution. Hence, the user will profit from less process costs and time with more efficient innovative salts.

Downstream: Free-flowing Ammonium Sulfate for cost and time efficient purification

Ammonium Sulfate is an essential process aid for protein purification, but at the same time well known for its high lumping properties. Our researchers have recently developed the new free-flowing multicompendial Ammonium Sulfate DPL-BioPharm grade. Downstream users will be enabled to reliably purify their dedicated drug substance in a cost and time efficient way with our DPL-BioPharm grade.

Fill & Finish: Stable Disodium Phosphate 12-hydrate low in endotoxins from QbD GMP production

Disodium Phosphate 12-hydrate is widely used as buffer and pH-regulator in plasma derived products, vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Due to the high water content (12-hydrate) the susceptibility for microbial growth is very high. In parenteral dosage forms microbial OOS events are particularly critical. Dr. Paul Lohmann® developed a stable and controlled product along with a low in endotoxins quality grade. This DPL-BioPharm grade is manufactured in a QbD approach utilizing a state of the art GMP production unit.

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