Inofolic ® & Inofolic ® HP

Inofolic ® & Inofolic ® HP
Product Description

A breakthrough in the managementof PCOS and female infertility

  • Pharmaceutical form: Sachets | Soft-gel caps
  • Clinical trials: Efficacy of the product line is supported by 60+ international clinical trials in more than 5000 patients. Many published studies demonstrate efficacy in improving metabolic and hormonal imbalance, as well as signs and symptoms in PCOS women. It has also been shown to be effective in controlling insulin sensitivity in pregnancy and preventing Gestational Diabetes.
  • Patents: Formulation patent granted in Italy and pending or granted throughout Europe, as well as other national patents around the world. For the Soft-gel Caps formulation, Italian and European patents have been granted, as well as other national patents around the world.
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  • IT
  • 2018
    On CPHI since
  • 3
  • 25 - 49
Company types
Distributor/Import Export
Pharmaceutical company
Primary activities
Medical Devices
Out-licensing specialist
Pharmaceutical Company (innovator finished products)


  • IT
  • 2018
    On CPHI since
  • 3
  • 25 - 49
Company types
Distributor/Import Export
Pharmaceutical company
Primary activities
Medical Devices
Out-licensing specialist
Pharmaceutical Company (innovator finished products)

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  • News Company Founder Professor Vittorio Unfer Founded EGOI Group to Foster Inositol Therapy Research

    Our company founder, Professor Vittorio Unfer, has founded the Experts Group on Inositol in Basic and Clinical Research (EGOI) to bring together leading international personalities, researchers, and opinion leaders in the field of inositol therapy. 

    EGOI focuses on fostering advanced studies and scientific debate, while promoting cooperation and scientific networking among scientists from different countries
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  • News Our Company Named One of Italy's "Magnificent 800" for Exceptional Growth

    We are thrilled to announce that our company has been named one of Italy's "Magnificent 800" – a select group of 800 companies with the highest average growth over the past three years. This prestigious award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are honored to be included among the companies driving Italy's post-COVID economy.
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    We understand the importance of supporting our business partners by providing marketing support to ensure their success. This is a selection of our dedicated resource offers, valuable insights, trend analysis, and tools.
  • News Our Company Achieves ISO 9001 Certification: a Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    Our company is proud to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001 certification, showcasing our commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction. 

    This certification is a major accomplishment for our team and will allow us to continue providing exceptional products and services to our customers.
  • Brochure Download our Healthcare Industry Content Marketing Guide: Win Online Today

    Download our content marketing guide for the healthcare industry. As the world shifts towards an online-first distribution model, where patients are more empowered to take part in decisions that affect their health, it's more important than ever for pharmaceutical, medical device, and food supplement companies to have a strong online presence. That's why we've put together this guide, designed specifically for the healthcare market. Inside, you'll find valuable information on why content marketing is essential, the 5 keys to winning with content marketing, useful tools to help you succeed, bonus tips tailored to the healthcare industry, and an appendix with a step-by-step approach to content marketing. Download the guide now to start building (or strengthen) your online presence and reach your target audience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your content marketing strategy. Click the download button now.
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    We are so delighted that our company has been awarded as "Best Place to Work" this year! 
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    Nobody should have to spend millions in new product development to be successful, but standing out of the masses in the crowded CNS market can be a struggle. By partnering with Lo.Li. Pharma International and being an exclusive distributor of Deplesin®, you will bring an innovative product to your local market while increasing your net revenue in a smart way.

    Get ready to win with Deplesin®.
  • News Lo.Li. Pharma Group turned 20 years!

    Lo.Li. Pharma was established 2002 in Rome, Italy. 
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    A promo video with a summary of our last 20 years path 
  • News Lo.Li. Pharma Case History: "The world-famous supplements Made in Italy"

    Lo. Li. Pharma International's General Manager Samanta De Filippi appears on Platinum Magazine which is inserted into "Sole24Ore" the main Italian financial newspaper
  • Video CPhI Frankfurt 2022 - Lo.Li. Pharma International

    CPhI was a great opportunity for us to share with the world our innovative products. In this video our General Manager Samanta De Filippi and other key figures from our company explain our values and why we love being at every CPhI. 

    For more info visit us: