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1 Jul 2020

Interviewing Mr Le Pape, General Manager of FPS America

Mr Le Pape, General Manager of FPS America

Mr Frederic Le Pape, General Manager FPS America, presents the situation on the american market today and the news

It’s been 3 years since FPS opened the US office: how are things going?

Very well. Things have moved very fast. There was a demand from our customer base for FPS to be here and once we arrived a lot of projects accelerated.

Are the United States much different from Europe?

Oh yes much very different. I often tell Europeans that the difference between Americans and Europeans is as wide as the difference between Japanese and Europeans. But because Europeans speak English and have access to a lot of American entertainment they feel they know the US. However the values are completely different but it’s not so obvious at first sight so you really need to live here to realize what makes America very unique. I can tell from experience: I have lived here for 25 years and I am now a US citizen. Also the country is made of very different areas and some can change quickly.

What type of systems do you sell most in the US and Canada?

The majority of the sales are for custom isolators for HPAPI. We really focus on the process of the user and find creative ways to improve ergonomics and ease of use while guaranteeing a low Containment ....

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