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Ito Precision Technologies Pvt Ltd is a 75 year old Japanese company. We represent Piercan Group ( for their Gloves and other Technical products for India market. Ito India has a long history of more than 12 years presence in India with offices in Chennai. Mumbai & Bengaluru. We also represent MK Versuchsanlagen for Gloves testing equipment in India. We provide the Glove management systems and Gloves life cycle systems for cost benefit and also enhance the security.MK Versuchsanlagen has a range of WI-FI Gloves testing accessories for the pharmaceutical Industry.MK Versuchsanlagen has complete range of gloves testing accessories along with software.

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Products from ITO Precision Techhnologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • MK Glove Tester

    Product MK Glove Tester

    The Glove Integrity Testing System Software 4 (GITS - software) by MK is the visual interface to control all testers. Multiple devices can be measured simultaneously and even several parallel measurements with different glove integrity test parameters are possible.  We developed the software GAMP 5, CFR 21 part 11 and EU Annex 11 conform simultaneously with the focus on intuitive handling and ease of use for operators and administrators. the clean interface the big tile buttons make the software very touch friendly and intuitive.
  • Piercan Gloves

    Product Piercan Gloves

    With two upgraded manufacturing factories located in San Marcos, California and Port en Bessin, France Piercan service global markets with its quality containment gloves. Our trained staff will help provide knowledge of each glove's characteristics for chemical resistance, sterilization compatibility, mechanical performances, and much more to find the perfect fit for you.