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The use of flexible bags for IV applications offers significant advantages over the traditional glass bottles and blown plastic containers. RENOLIT Healthcare sets the standard in aspects of quality, reliability and costs.

We offer a complete system for the manufacture of reliable and high-quality IV-bags, both in polyolefin and in PVC materials:
> RENOLIT MEDIPAK (PVC) and RENOLIT MEDIFLEX (PP) tubular film, RENOLIT INFUFLEX and MF double wound PP flat film
> RENOLIT MEDITUUB (PVC) and RENOLIT TUBEFLEX (PP); monolayer for PP ports and multilayer PP for PP/PVC for PC ports
> RENOLIT MEDIGRANUUL (PVC) and RENOLIT GRANUFLEX (PP) injection-moulding compounds for port manufacturing
> RENOLIT ports and caps for IV bags and plastic bottles

The storage of drugs, active ingredients or other pharmalogical solutions is supported by a wide range of film and tubing compositions. The RENOLIT Healthcare product range includes plasticiser-free PP-based materials and a variety of PVC materials with a range of plasticisers including DEHP, DEHT and TEHTM.

RENOLIT Healthcare films are the standard for the packaging of sterile IV and pharmalogical solutions. These PVC- and polyolefin-based films are available in tubular and double wound flat films and have proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective material for IV bags.

The RENOLIT Healthcare film compositions have been tested according to the relevant ISO 10993 standards and fulfil the test requirements of the various pharmacopoeias.

The storage of ready to use active ingredients solutions often requires special materials exhibiting low absorption of the drug components. For this application we offer low absorption films and tubing based on cyclic olefin copolymers. For polyolefin IV systems the unique RENOLIT TUBEFLEX monolayer types, combined with PP-based RENOLIT GRANUFLEX injection-moulded ports, offer a significant economic advantage compared with the multilayer RENOLIT TUBEFLEX used for polycarbonate ports. A combination of co=extruded PP/PVC tubing is possible as well. 

For IV administration sets RENOLIT MEDITUUB is the material of choice. The main features are the superior non-kinking properties, excellent transparency and suitable for steam, ETO and gamma sterilisation.

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Renolit Nederland B.V

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    The  packaging of blood and blood components is known to be one of the most critical applications of polymer medical films. The developments are frequent and the requirements are increasing every day.

    RENOLIT Healthcare is the worldwide market leader for the basic materials for the manufacturing of blood bag systems. The RENOLIT  TRANSFUFOL, RENOLIT INFUFOL and RENOLIT ES blood bag films are supplied to the world’s leading manufacturers of blood bags and blood processing systems such as aphaeresis and therapeutic treatments. An important factor is the consistent and reliable quality of the films, often custom made in co development with our customers.

    The features include superior embossing stability during  steam sterilization procedure, guaranteeing the non-blocking properties on both sides of the film. Different surface structures are available enabling a good blood separation both on automatic as well as semi-automatic fractionation machines. 

    The compositions of RENOLIT blood bag films have been carefully tested for their blood compatibility.

    Various formulations are available, including DEHP, TEHTM, DINCH, DEHT and citrate plasticised films. Special PVC and polyolefin compounds offer high oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability for platelet storage as well as for frozen and cryogenic storage. Thickness ranges from 0.20 to 0.75 mm and the widths from 50 to 1350 mm, depending on the film type.

    The specially developed RENOLIT TRANSFUFOL film processing technique combines the advantages of calendering and extrusion, resulting in a superior batch-to-batch consistency. The strict clean room conditions, web cleaning technology and in-line slitting guarantee low particulate levels. Our advanced composition and production technology for RENOLIT MEDITUUB MAT and LIMA results in blood bag tubing with anti-kinking and anti-sticking properties after sterilisation.

    RENOLIT TRANSFUFOL, RENOLIT INFUFOL, RENOLIT ES films, RENOLIT MEDITUUB and RENOLIT MEDIGRANUUL are used for the manufacturing of critical blood contact devices such as:
    • blood bag systems
    • flexible leucocyte filters
    • aphaeresis systems
    • transfusion systems
    • pathogen inactivation systems
    • platelet pool bags
    • venous reservoir bags
    • and many more.
    Plasma derivates such as albumin are traditionally packed in glass containers. RENOLIT Healthcare offers a range of materials for the manufacturing of flexible bags for the packaging of plasma derivates, including primary barrier films, allowing a long shelf life of the packed product.


    The biotechnology sector is one of the application areas where continuous and frequent developments result in higher material requirements.

    Today, flexible polymer single-use systems are replacing traditional glass and stainless steel in applications like meida storage bags, bioreactors, mixing vessels, product storage and sampling containers. These disposable pre-sterilised systems are increasingly considered a safer and less costly alternative to stainless steel equipment. This trend in the biotechnology industry is supported by exciting new developments in the polymer components of such flexible disposable systems, These components have to fulfil the strict product requirements of critical biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

    In these fields, RENOLIT Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers of packaging materials for the most critical applications. After the introduction in the 1990s of the EVA based film range suitable for 2D and 3D bag designs we have introduced a range of biotechnology films.

    The RENOLIT INFUFLEX barrier films comprise ultra-pure inert PE inner and outer layers and an oxygen barrier. The high barrier properties of these films offer significant advantages in the storage of oxygen sensitive products. The films exhibit extremely low extractables and excellent clarity and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. The unique film structure combined with a 1,400 mm film width offers excellent weld strength in both 2D and 3D bag designs, which are the new standard in the biotechnology industry.

    The raw materials in these films have been carefully selected. Coupled with our film production sites spread across multiple continents, this builds a robust supply chain and ensures longterm availability. In addition, RENOLIT INFUFLEX barrier films are produed under strict controls to minimise the risk of particulates forming.

    RENOLIT MEDIPAK UVO offers excellent oxygen, carbon dioxide and UV barrier properties. Available in widths of 125 to 400 mm, this 5-layer co-extruded tubular film is suitable for media bags of up to 20-litre capacity. Special EVA and polyolefin films are available for stem cell storage and cell gene therapy applications. Specially developed materials combine very high oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates with excellent cold storage properties down to -196 Celsius (liquid, nitrogen, cryogenic).

    Compounds and clean room extruded PVC films and tubing are available for blood collection, processing and transfer sets used in cell and gene therapy applications.

    RENOLIT Healthcare is known for its long history in the single-use industry, remains active in conferences and singe-use bioprocessing groups such as BPSA and follows industry guidelines as applicable.

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