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History:  Following reorganization of the pharmaceutical system consequent  to the latest years economic  tensions, as well as being inspired  by the will to create a new business  model, aimed at enhancing  professionalism and people’s work, in 2011 the Jakin S.A. was founded in Lugano(Switzerland). Right from the very beginning, the Company supplies outsourcing  services to middle and large  concerns, thus expanding and increasing the number of personnel  collaborating and cooperating withit. In 2014, after just three years, JakinItaly S.r.l. was formed in Milan (Italy), giving rise to theJakin Group, one of the Group’s aim is to become even bigger and in November 2018  it givesbirthto JakinFarma . As of today, the Group vaunts a  considerable number of employees  and collaborators, men and women  who thanks to their commitment  have contributed and stillcontribute  to a dynamic path of Company  growth. Vision: Being the sector’s first international group in the European market in enhancing products and companies value through growth of the most important element: human resources. The Jakin Group is totally convinced  that all management and development activities of companies  revolve around people, committed  to the project as an integral part of a team, whose components work in  synergism at all levels. The Jakin Group therefore turns its eyes to a company horizon where  all stakeholders shall benefit of a  continuous growth, as measuredin  terms of value and efficiency. Mission: The Jakin Group is THE solution to  enhance the value ofpharmaceutical  products to their maximumdegree.

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Sales markets Eastern Europe
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5 nov 2019

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5-7 November 2019 Frankfurt, Germany We were at stand 92A64 See our Exhibitor Profile   See full Exhibitor List
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