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Simcere Pharmaceutical Group Limited (2096.HK) is a pharmaceutical company driven by innovative R&D. We are committed to "providing today's patients with medicines of the future" across the following core therapeutic areas: oncology, central nervous system, autoimmunity and anti-infection. Furthermore, we are also actively expanding our presence in disease areas with significant clinical needs in the future.

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Products from Jiangsu Simcere Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (5)

  • Enlength

    Product Enlength

    As a cornerstone drug for the treatment of multiple myeloma, Bortezomib is used throughout the induction, consolidation and maintenance therapies for myeloma. In 2020, Bortezomib was recommended as a first-line drug for the full management of multiple myeloma in the Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatm...
  • Lenvatinib Mesilate Capsules

    Product Lenvatinib Mesilate Capsules

    This product is suitable for patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma who have not previously received systemic therapy.The pivotal study of lenvatinib mesylate excluded patients with HCC amenable to local therapy, for whom no study data are available. 
  • Sanbexin

    Product Sanbexin

    Sanbexin is indicated for the improvement of neurological symptoms, activities of daily living and dysfunction caused by acute cerebral infarction. Category 1 innovative drug with solid medical evidence support. It takes only 5 months from launch to NRDL list. It can improve the neurological function o...

    Product XIANNUOXIN

    XIANNUOXIN® (Simnotrelvir Tablets/Ritonavir Tablets co-packaged) as the first domestic oral small molecule anti-COVID-19 3CL inhibitor specially approved by the CDE has been included in the key scientific research project of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, and is used t...

    Product XINBIQI

    By physical action, BIQI® montmorillonite powders can physically cover the surface of the gastrointestinal tract, and adsorb pathogenic factors, so as to quickly solve various diarrhea problems, without the need to enter the blood circulation, therefore being safe and non-toxic. Its prescription and p...