Jointown Pharmaceutical Group is the largest non-state-owned pharmaceutical distribution company in China, and No.3 overall.

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd mainly operates products of Western medicine, Chinese traditional medicine and medical devices; it is a large-scale enterprise group focusing on clients of medical institutions, wholesalers and retail pharmacies and providing information, logistics and other value-added services.

Jointown takes a place in the competitive pharmaceutical distribution market. Equipped with a nationwide marketing network and abundant upstream and downstream resources, it has set up 27 provincial subsidiaries (large-scale pharmaceutical logistics centers) in Hubei, Beijing and other provincial capitals, 43 prefecture-level and municipal subsidiaries (regional distribution center) and near 400 terminal distribution sites, which constitute a marketing network covering more than 90% of the administrative regions all across China. The Company is engaged in a more than 220 thousand varieties and specifications of products. It has more than 5,600 upstream suppliers and more than 70 thousand downstream clients. It also obtains nationwide or regional exclusive distribution or general agency qualifications for more than 240 varieties of domestic pharmaceutical products.

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