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Jubilant Biosys Ltd. is a part of the Jubilant Pharmova family of companies with R&D centres in India and business offices in Asia, North America, Uk and Europe. With our global reach, Jubilant Biosys provides comprehensive drug discovery, contract research, development and manufacturing services, an end to end business service offering. Our drug discovery services rangefrom target discovery to candidate selection, while our CDMO services provides manufacturing support from clinical to commercial stage programs, with flexible business models (FFS, FTE and risk shared) in partnership with leading worldwide healthcare companies.

Jubilant Biosys collaborates with the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech companies, academic institutions and research foundations to deliver Drug Discovery > Pre-clinical > Development > Commercial and life cycle management.

Jubilant Biosys Service offerings:

  1. Integrated Drug Discovery Services
  2. Jubilant Biosys offers integrated drug discovery services spanning across Hit Identification/Target Validation to Lead Optimization/Pre-clinical Candidate selection for multiple therapeutic areas. With well enabled capabilities in oncology, metabolic disorders, CNS, pain, inflammation, fibrosis and respiratory diseases, Jubilant Biosys was an integrated pre-clinical CRO that has rapidly grown into a leading collaborator for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

  3. Chemistry Services
  4. Synthetic Chemistry – The Synthetic team is skilled to undertake challenges in synthetic organic chemistry, involving various types of chemistry – heterocyclic, asymmetric, microwave, enzymatic, multi-step synthesis, carbohydrate, nucleotide & nucleoside – to deliver compounds to customer requirements.

    Analytical Chemistry – The analytical team provides support to discovery and process chemistry groups as an integrated service or a standalone option for customers with a complete range of services — with assured fast-track delivery. Understanding each project’s unique requirements, the quantitative and qualitative analysis, structural uniqueness, purification, and chemical characterization.

    Medicinal Chemistry - Jubilant Biosys’ seasoned medicinal chemists design focused compounds by employing hypothesis-driven, multi-parameter optimization to deliver high quality preclinical candidates. They are supported by state-of-the-art computational tools and backed by a team with rich experience and expertise in structure-based and ligand-based drug design. They are also highly skilled in using synthetic chemistry to solve various hurdles in lead optimization. The chemistry team works under one roof with the DMPK, in vitro, in vivo and structural biology teams on the rapid Design-Make-Test-Analyse cycle to access various activities and advance the project in the shortest possible timeframe.

  5. Biology Services
  6. Structural Biology - The Structural Biology team supports drug discovery programs by combining protein science, biophysical analysis and crystallization, offering comprehensive services from construct design to structure determination (Gene to Structure).The protein science group has experience in handling challenging targets and is proficient with multiple expression platforms (bacteria, insect and mammalian) and chromatography (affinity, IEC and SEC) techniques. The biophysics group houses Surface Plasmon Resonance systems and automated High Throughput screening systems for binding assessments and fragment screening. The crystallography group carries out crystallization and structure determination of protein-ligand complexes and has access to synchrotrons in Australia and France. They also design protein-engineering strategies to enable crystallization of challenging targets.

    In Vivo Biology - The in vivo Biology department at Jubilant combines innovative technologies and unrivalled expertise to enable efficient drug discovery approaches catering to individual requirements. Validated animal-based disease models in Oncology, Inflammation, Autoimmunity, Metabolism and Neuroscience empowers the rapid translation of pre-clinical candidates. By including whole-body imaging and multi-colour FACS. Jubilant leverages the power of diverse down-stream markers within the efficacy studies to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of drug action. Ethics Committee and AAALAC approvals ensure quality that also include studies on transgenic and immune compromised animals.

    In Vitro Biology - The In vitro Biology Group at Jubilant has the infrastructure and expertise to perform a variety of biochemical and cellular assays against most target classes, including enzymes, GPCR’s, NHR’s and transporters.

    DMPK - The DMPK department comprises in vitro, in vivo, metabolite ID and pre-formulation groups, managed by highly experienced and matured scientists who guide discovery projects by troubleshooting scientific issues and offer changes on scaffolds to drive discovery projects in the right direction and de-risk failures in the later stage of development due to DMPK related issue.

    Toxicology - The toxicology team offers an array of GLP and non-GLP study services to its customers. The team has designed and performed safety programs ranging from acute through Chromosomal Aberration and Micronucleus studies.

  7. CRDMO
  8. Taking your drug candidate to GLP TOX and Clinical manufacturing needs an effective transition from the medicinal chemistry phase to early scale-up without taking more time than absolutely necessary. Biosys has set-up a dedicated Process R&D team along with a pilot-scale up facility which provides a strong foundation for up to 20kg rapid scale-up and delivery of key milestones for your program.

    Each and every CRDMO process at Jubilant Biosys is designed to ensure high-quality products and safe operations. Our GMP Scale up and Manufacturing facility in Nanjangud, India, displays 900+ MTs Reactor Capacity and a wide set of technologies with a production range from kg to multi MTs.. The facility contains 1 Pilot and 6 manufacturing blocks accredited by major health authorities such as FDA, PMDA, EMA. The technology transfer from lab scale synthesis to plant manufacturing is supported by our on site R&D, Tech Transfer, QA, QC, EHS and engineering experts. This is indeed the reason why we are the partner of choice for biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations.

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