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About Keshava Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Keshava is a leading API manufacturing company established in 1992. With an extensive product range of antihistamines, food supplements, muscle relaxants and many more.  Keshava has established its name in the pharmaceutical world. Additionally Keshava's associate companies offer a wide range of API Intermediates and also fine chemicals.

Keshava also offers extensive documentation and support for regulatory compliance. Keshava, located in MIDC-Tarapur, just 100 km north of Mumbai, has been inspected by US-FDA (since 2011) and Health Canada (2019) in addition to a multitude of multinational companies who have Keshava as their approved Vendor. Availability of the Written Confirmation (since 2013) as per EU Guidelines enables smooth business with the European Union. 

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Products from Keshava Organics Pvt. Ltd. (3)

  • l-selenomethionine

    Product l-selenomethionine

    LSM is used as a dietary supplement in humans and also as a supplement in the veterinary feed. LSM is widely used as source of organic selenium. Pharmacoepia USP
  • Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate

    Product Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate

    Antihistamine API for treatment of cough cold and allergies. Pharmacoepia: USP / BP / EP
  • Pyrilamine Maleate (Mepyramine Maleate)

    Product Pyrilamine Maleate (Mepyramine Maleate)

    Antihistamine API for treatment of cough cold and allergies.  Pharmacoepia USP
    Know as Mepyramine Maleate in IP/BP/EP