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Trendsetter and technology leader – KOCH Pac-Systeme lives up to this claim with its medplus brand, with realization of an individual packaging process for medical technology products, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. With reduced material input thanks to innovative processes - for hard blisters, soft blisters, and sustainable packaging types. KOCH medplus is the quality brand for a plus in support, safety, technology, and equipment features. With GMP-compliant machine design, machine construction according to GEP standards, clean-room compatibility and a turn-key service from a single provider. Including documentation, qualification, validation, services and K 4.0 smartpacks – perfectly combined digital services. A central element of KOCH medplus is the personal assistance provided by a team of specialists. Whether at the company headquarters in the Black Forest, at the KOCH company sites, or at one of its international sales and service partners. As a member of the Uhlmann Group, KOCH is excellently networked with the experts for pharmaceutical packaging.

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Products from KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH

  • Blister Machine KBS-C medplus

    Product Blister Machine KBS-C medplus

    Designed to meet the highest demands, the next KOCH medplusgeneration is a further compelling extension of our expertise. Theinnovative machine concept – that won the German InnovationAward ’21 – combines a large forming area and ultra-compactmachine dimensions. This small footprint, plus straightforwardconstruction and set-up, makes the KBS-C the ideal machine foruse in normal packaging areas and cleanrooms up to ISO class 7.

    Based on a standardized platform, the blister machine is availablein two consistently market-oriented variants: the KBS-C basemedplus for packaging soft film blisters, that comes with anattractive entry-level price tag and a small footprint. And theKBS-C pro medplus, designed to allow individual configurationand flexible handling of soft and rigid forming materials.
  • Blister Machine KBS-KF

    Product Blister Machine KBS-KF

    The KBS-KF with chain guide packages diverse products with high output.

    Whether blisters made out of flexible film or eco-friendly, mono-material PET with an inserted card; whether sealed as a stand-up blister or a clamshell that allows easy product removal and reclosure: the Blister Machine KBS-KF ensures high output for a wide variety of products. Furthermore, the stainless steel design complies with cleanroom standards for the packaging of medical products. The large forming and sealing format as well as a maximum forming depth of 70 mm permit the processing of bulky products as well as multi-part sets. The sealing technology is selected in accordance with the respective material, e.g. PE, PET, PVC, PLA, Tyvek® or aluminum. The KBS-KF is fitted with a smooth-running, robust chain conveyor, which ensures reliable, accurate product transfer from station to station as well as maximum machine uptime.

  • Turntable Machine KDT

    Product Turntable Machine KDT

    The Turntable Machine KDT packages small to medium quantities using the latest machine technology and impresses with its low acquisition cost, reasonably priced format components and low energy consumption.

    State-of-the-art machine technology for the packaging of small to mediumsized batches while keeping costs under control: the compact Turntable Machine KDT offers all you need to achieve this. In terms of costs, the low initial outlay, reasonably priced format parts and economical energy consumption speak in favor of the KDT. As far as technology is concerned, the machine design allows the sealing of the blister.

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