Kuhner Shaker Inc.

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  • 2019
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  • 299 Old County Road, Ste 7, 94070, San Carlos, CA, United States

Products from Kuhner Shaker Inc. (3)

  • Dosage Cups and Spoons

    Product Dosage Cups and Spoons

    Comar is a US based, custom blow molding company, with a history of innovative patents. Using durable, FDA compliant, food grade inks, the AccuCup®, Dosage Cup and new printed Dosage Spoon are a stronger and safer alternative to embossed dosage solutions, particularly in liquid-drug dispensing applications wh...
  • Dropper Assemblies

    Product Dropper Assemblies

    Comar dropper assemblies provide a reliable way to dispense liquids accurately, from cosmetic skin care products to stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry. Whether you need traditional glass or plastic dropper assemblies in standard sizes, or custom solutions for a new product line, Comar has s...
  • Oral Syringes

    Product Oral Syringes

    The Comar Oral Syringe is a two piece dispenser that uses a patented wiper design instead of a rubber grommet to form a complete seal between the plunger and the barrel. With no small siliconized rubber parts in the tip, the risk of choking and project contamination is greatly reduced. Comar oral dispensers a...