Kukje Pharma was established in 1959 with a founding ideology ‘Respect for life principle and customer-first principle to pursue people’s healthy and happy life. We consistently focus on R&D investment to our central research laboratory that was established in 1986. One of our major achievements is our outstanding medical technology for ophthalmic diseases, which include macular degeneration and glaucoma. Using our technology, we have developed and researched on new medication as well as known medicines with universities, national research institutes and government branches.
Our product line with certified PIC/s GMP is fully equipped with high performance modern technology such as high-quality lyophilizer for producing Antibiotic Injection. Approximately 150 kinds of medicines including ophthalmic products, antibiotics, GI products, CV products, NSAIDs and so on are being produced and sold as of now and, at the same time, we are constantly expanding the CMO business.

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Middle East; Asia

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Distributor; Manufacturer

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