12 Nov 2018

L.B. Bohle Coating Technology

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L.B. Bohle has been the technological leader for all film coating applications for more than 15 years. Bohle Coaters guarantee excellent product processing with the highest profitability. We assert our leading role through continuous developments and patented advantages. Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Processes Can be Divided into Three Basic Operations:

  • Mixing
  • Spraying
  • Drying
Each step is carefully engineered and optimized to coordinate with the others. Bohle Coaters offer the best combination of the processing operations on the market.

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    Continuous wet granulation and drying have long been a hot topic in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) and industry. However, there is no truly continuous fluid-bed dryer on the market that is suitable for a long process time and that meets the quality requirements described in the present article. This article outlines the experimental testing on a new R&D system (QbCon® 1) for truly continuous granulation and drying. Special attention is paid to the dryer and the resulting granules.
    The results show that very narrow and reproducible residence time distributions are achieved in the dryer, which leads to uniform drying of the granules of different size classes. The process delivers consistent quality regarding moisture and particle size of the granules over several hours. When changing the conveying speed of the granules in the dryer while maintaining all other parameters, it was possible to describe the limits for a fixed process/formulation combination, ...
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    The pharmaceutical production of tablets is practically unthinkable without the use of a sieve or a mill. These are needed whenever active and inactive materials are handled and tablets or other products are being manufactured. Sieving machines and mills are used for milling solids to reduce their size. This fulfils two purposes: Firstly, it enlarges the particle surface which increases the speed of dissolution. Secondly, it evens out differences between particle sizes to ensure that mixing can be homogeneous.  Due to their versatility, milling and sieving machines play a crucial role in pharmaceutical production. They can be integrated into complex production lines, for example for filling/emptying or transfer operations at process machines, or for filling and decanting containers.
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    In the pharmaceutical industry, one term is becoming increasingly important: containment. It describes the process of containing a substance within a defined space, a method that is suitable for protecting operators and the environment in case of high toxicity and product reactivity. At the same time, containment prevents dust, gases or vapours from being released into the environment and contaminating the product.