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Laboratórios Basi is a Portuguese Pharmaceutical Company with decades of experience dedicated to the development, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of medicines and therapeutic solutions globally, coined by the excellence of European quality, supported by innovative technologies, in a competitive and flexible way.
Laboratórios Basi activities are supported in Flexibility, Innovation, Competitiveness and Eficiency.

Basi offers to its partners:

 - Pharma Portfolio – Medicines, Medical Devices, Food Supplements, and Dermocosmetics
Basi has more than 240 registered medicines in 17 different therapeutic areas and present in more than 60 countries.

 - Licensing – Oral Liquids and Semisolid forms | Small Volume Parenterals
A wide list of products with a complete document package (EU-CTD) available for licensing out incluiding all regulatory support.
- Contract Manufacturing - Two Manufacturing Plants with productive capacity of over 300.000.000 Units. | Smart Factory 4.0
- Liquid forms (Syrups, Oral Solutions and Suspensions, Cutaneous Solutions, etc.);
- Semisolid forms (Creams, Ointments, Gels, Enemas, etc);
- Small Volume Parenteral Solutions – Glass Ampoules;
- Large Volume Parenteral Solutions – Polypropylene bottles;
- Pharmaceutical Development - Research, product development and innovative pharmaceutical forms in the health field.
 - Formula and process development;
 - Tech transfer;

- Quality Control - International reference laboratory, equipped with the latest analysis technologies.
 - Physical and Chemical Tests;
 - Microbiological Tests;
 - Stability Studies;

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