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The Spark-Lab company, a research and development laboratory built exclusively on Polish capital, was created in 2010 and has been rapidly expanding ever since. Our team of executives consists of scientists affiliated with leading academic institutions in the Tricity area (Gdansk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdansk). The ever increasing demands towards production companies belonging to various branches of industry force a great amount of qualitative and quantitative standards for their products. Production process itself generates numerous problems on its various stages. Establishing internal research and developmnet departments requires vast financial resources to be invested in the purchase of measurement equipment as well as employment of highly qualified personnel.

In an attempt to meet the growing needs of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic sectors, Spark-Lab offers research and development services along with various routine analyses, thus serving as an external laboratory for your company. High-end measurin...

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    Spark-Lab Chemical Analysis Department performs qualitative and quantitative analyses in response to the needs of, above all, the chemical industry and related sectors. Research is carried out with the use of high-end, qualified measurement equipment. Routine analyses carried out in Spark-Lab meet ...


    Spark-Lab Pharmaceutical Analysis Department performs routine analyses with a special emphasis on determination of excipients, such as:

    • Quantitative determination of sorbitol, glycerol, maltitol, mannitol in liquid forms based on our own method; • Quantitative determination of glucose i...
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    The Pharmaceutical Analyses Department of Spark-Lab conducts research and development work in cooperation with pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing plants. The Laboratory provides services through its highly skilled personnel and state-of-the-art equipment at the initial phase of works on a gene...