Large Scale Continuous FLow Manufacturing Systems

Product description

• Plant optimisation (small retrofit plant changes for big effects on their performance)
• Unit Operation to switch from batch to flow in individual process steps (one or more)
• Modular Multipurpose featuring batch-flexibility while operated in continuous flow production mode.
• Dedicated Plant – specialised for economic bulk production
brhrbrMicroinnova’s modular systems offer double flexibility: inter-module and on-module. Inter-module flexibility means modules out of a pool can be exchanged and rearranged “as they are”. On-module flexibility means, each module skid can be assembled individually for specific requirements. Reserve volumes called “engineered spaces” are planned to be equipped quickly and easily with different, larger components or apparatus, for example different residence-time modules or reactors.
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Model XL (Throughput 0,1 - 3t/h)
Details • throughput: 100 litres up to several tons per hour
• pressure: up to 80 bars
• temperature: -80°C to +300°C
Supplied from Austria
Measured In Pieces
Selling Points Experienced Technicians; Green Product; Quality Service

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Large Scale Continuous FLow Manufacturing Systems

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