LEL Group is a Pan-European strategic alliance of independent familly-own distribution companies for specialty chemicals dedicated to Specialty industries (Coatings, Plastics & Rubber, Adhesives & Sealants, Ceramics, Lubricants & Fuels, Cleaning & Detergence, Water Treatment...) and Life Sciences (Agrochemicals, Feed, Food & Nutrition, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals). LEL organisation offers to Principals and Customers to think their businesses globally, but to act locally with full dedicated sales team in each country.

Lavollée SA was established in 1963. Specialised in the sole distribution of speciality chemicals & minerals for the French market. Lavollée SA is still a family-owned and independent company, giving it a high degree of flexibility and speed of reaction to market changes.

From the beginning Lavollée SA has established and built strong and transparant relationships together with its Principals. Today, Lavollée SA has the best financial ratio in this business which allow to get the most acurate IT system and to garanty a high level of investment in the quality and regulation knowledge.

Lavollée SA is seen as a strategic supplier by the following client industries :

    - LIFE SCIENCE DIVISION : Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Nutraceutics, Fragrance & Flavour, Food, Fine Chemicals, Agro-Chemicals and Detergent.
    Food and Fragance/Flavor departments are managed by our subsidiaries FIRMALIS (Paris) et SIPA -Berthier (Grasse).
    - INDUSTRIAL DIVISION : Coatings, Lubricants & Metal-working materials, Rubber and Plastics, Friction materials, etc...

    Key Figures :
    - Fix assets: 6 660 000 €
    - Consolidated turn over : 40 MM €
    - Tonnage going through our warehouses: 10 000 T
    - 5 warehouses included 1 for Hazardous chem.
    - Average inventory: 3 months
    - 30 peoples included 15 sales managers (chemicals engineers)

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Lavollee SA - LEL GROUP

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