Legacy Pharmaceuticals: global GMP-compliant contract manufacturer

5 Sep 2019

Legacy Pharmaceuticals Switzerland GmbH is a global GMP-compliant contract manufacturer of sterile/aseptic liquids, powders and semi-solids, as well as non-sterile pharmaceutical products.

Founded in 1947, the company remains true to its Swiss origins and has a reputation for excellence, quality and reliability in the industry.

Legacy Pharmaceuticals: global GMP-compliant contract manufacturer

FDA approved and globally active, the products Legacy manufacture on behalf of third parties are sold in 112 countries around the world including Japan, Russia, Korea and the United States. This reflects the company’s strong capabilities in certain areas of sterile filling, including vial and ampoule liquid and powder filling, as well as semi-solid forms, and secondary packaging.

Legacy’s primary customers at CPHI are pharmaceutical companies with a product formulated in a vial or ampoule dosage form. These can either be de novo drugs in late stage development or existing drugs that need to be moved out of current sterile manufacturing environment or duplicated for strategic reasons.

Nor does Legacy stand still. Their main area of expertise is biologics and Legacy is actively engaging partners, to integrate nested prefilled syringe filling capabilities with potential secondary packaging options such as autoinjector assembly, which would be ultimately implemented in parallel for combination products. Legacy has the resources for several projects and has available foot-print which expand existing capacity in liquid fill in vials with the latest filling technologies. It also recently disclosed plans to expand its large scale lyophilization in vials at its Basel facility, which offers the industry a robust pipeline of technologies and services.

Carole Delauney, Director of Business Development, adds: “Around the world, Swiss quality is considered to be an indicator of trustworthiness. Perfection, precision and punctuality are highly valued worldwide … and the Swiss excel in these disciplines. We maintain the highest quality standards, such as excellence in service, reliability, social responsibility and compliance. These are virtues and characteristics that have made Basel known as a pharmaceutical centre and that enable us to be a reliable service provider for our globally active customers.”

“Legacy is a small, flexible company but still large enough to take care of the very complex needs of our customers. We are well equipped to quickly respond to changes in the pharmaceutical industry and turn them into win-win situations. We are agile and customer service focused; our lines can be quickly configured, time to market is a particular strength and we have an excellent staff. Every member of the management team has a profound knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and brings longstanding intercultural experience. So, if you’re thinking sterile, fill and finish, we want to be at the table when you discuss your needs.”