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"Lekhim" Group of Companies - a powerful modern high-tech manufacturing company, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine on the development, manufacture and sale of high-quality and affordable medicines.
Today group of companies "Lekhim" offers a wide range (over 160 items) of generic medicinal products of almost all therapeutic groups: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal,...

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  • 2019
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Products from Lekhim (3)

  • Pancreazim 10000

    Product Pancreazim 10000

    Lekhim is a leader in enzyme preparations among Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our TOP Product Pancreazim 10000 is EU GMP certified and being supplied to EU countries.

    Active ingredient:  Pancreatin

    Dosage form:  Enterosoluble tablets

  • Alzhmerat

    Product Alzhmerat

    Group of action: Agents affecting the nervous system

    Active ingredient: Choline alfoscerate

    Dosage form: Solution for injections

    Pharmacotherapeutic group: Medications that affect the nervous system. Parasympathomimetics. Choline alfoscerat.

  • Nevrolek

    Product Nevrolek

    Group of action: Agents affecting the digestive system and metabolism
    Active ingredient: Comb drug

    Dosage form: Solution for injections

    Pharmacotherapeutic group: Vitamin B1 in combination with vitamin B6 and / or B12.

    Indications: Neurological disorders of variou...