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Leon-nanodrugs GmbH (Munich) is a nanotechnology-based drug development company focused on development of novel oral and parenteral formulations and innovative drug combinations.

More than half of all marketed therapeutic drugs are poorly soluble or practically insoluble in water. However, good water solubility is a pre-requisite that drugs are taken up into the body and distributed to the desired sites where they can unfold their therapeutic potential. This vital problem in drug development can be solved by using nanotechnology.

The proprietary and patent-protected MicroJetReactor (MJR®) Technology by leon-nanodrugs is a bottom-up approach for nano- and microparticle synthesis. Basis of the process is a continuous solvent / non-solvent precipitation that is performed under precisely controlled process conditions.

leon-nanodrugs GmbH is the exclusive licensee of the MJR® Technology platform for pharmaceutical applications and develops drug products based on nanoparticle & nanoemulsion approaches. The business concept includes contract development, co-development, partnerships and internal development projects in order to generate added value to established molecules and new chemical entities (NCEs).

Build on its “network of expertise”, leon-nanodrugs can provide a 360 degree competence range – from concept to product approval.

Leon’s reformulation service partner in Europe is MJR PharmJet GmbH (Instillo Group) and in 2015, leon opened an US Office in New York and established cooperation with CoreRX in Clearwater/Florida in order to enhance its lab scale screening and formulation capabilities.

Leon-nanodrugs proprietary MJR® Technology offers access to the next generation nano formulated drugs with added patient benefits and economical values for its partners and shareholders.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Primary business activity Manufacturer
Affiliated categories: Pharmaceutical Technology (general category) More

leon-nanodrugs GmbH

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